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Thailand Roadkill… YOU! (Driving in Thailand)

As you travel Thailand and see all the wonderful wildlife and soi-dogs that become grey mush roadkill you might want to consider that a disproportionately high number of farangs BECOME that roadkill here.

I don’t want to put you into a panic over getting into an accident here in Thailand… but, if you do become involved in one, you might end up as roadkill.

Frog roadkill could be YOU in Thailand

I heard ANOTHER story last night from a friend about teaching at a university here in Surat. After new years holiday break, he had a class – and someone was absent. He asked where the girl was… they said, she had an accident on the motorbike over the New Years… but she was alive and in the hospital…

Then the next class there was a boy missing… when he asked where he was… he was dead. Motorbike accident over New Years.

The class then told him that the boy and girl were boyfriend and girlfriend. And then, they filled him in on what happened…

Apparently one of the large dump trucks that run around here and blow their banshee horns cut them off as they were riding their motorbike. It knocked them off the bike and messed them up really good.

The truck driver, on seeing that they WEREN’T dead then tried to back the truck over top of them to make SURE they WERE dead.

The boy and girl tried desperately to get out of the way, and the boy ended up sacrificing his life for his girlfriend because he pushed her far enough out of the way that she lived…

The dump truck STILL ran over her leg, crushing it and later it needed to be amputated at the knee… but the boy was killed right there, having taken the full weight of a few of the wheels. These trucks weigh 10 tons or so (empty).

There is some good news – there were witnesses to this and so the guy ended up in prison over it.


It is NOT urban legend.

I have heard this not only DIRECTLY from 3 different people. But, there are articles in THE NATION newspaper about it from time to time, reminding people to get off the street if it happens to you!

Last year there was an article that a BUS DRIVER in Bangkok did the SAME THING! He then ran away from the scene – but was later caught and faced jail.

He tried this in BANGKOK in the CITY!

Advice: If you are in an accident of any sort, and you are not at fault… or even maybe if you are, you need to drag yourself to a safe place and call someone, scream like you are crazy or do anything to attract others’ attention.

People at fault in a motor vehicle accident here may face a court case over it. If they LOSE – they may have to pay the person(s) injured over the REST OF THEIR LIFETIME!

Apparently, this is motivation and justification ENOUGH for some people to want to finish the job and kill someone that they injured… End it all right there – no worries for the future…

Mai Pen Rai Kuuuupppp…

BE CAREFUL ON THE MOTORBIKE! Or, WALKING! Or, Bicycling! Or, in your small car!

But, by all means – if you’ve got a big truck you go ahead and do ANYTHING at all you feel like doing because you’re probably not going to die for doing it…

That is unless you hear the sound of DEATH itself… that farking banshee horn going off behind you from one of those YABA fueled 10-ton dump trucks.

Sawasdee Krup…

How can you stay safe in Thailand?

You can start by looking at our CAUTIONS link at the top of the page.


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