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Yet ANOTHER Bus Overturns in Thailand – Killing 5, Injuring 30

I don’t take buses in Thailand. Ever. I just refuse. The last time I was on a bus, it was for an English camp about 4 years ago. We, and all the M3 kids, were headed on a 400km journey that was straight from a Rod Serling script. It was fucking outrageous the way the bus driver was driving.

I was seating immediately in back of him – so I saw it all from his perspective. He was racing with the other buses in the convoy – trading places dozens of times as one “outsmarted” (outrisked) the other. It was  a fucking horrorshow – no less.

I made over 50 comments to the guy – in Thai and told him to relax and drive like a normal person – we had like 60 kids in the bus and nobody wanted to die that night – except maybe him.

He was fuming by the end of it because when I comment – I can be pretty harsh. I brought his driving to the attention of all the Thai teachers on the bus – who, of course – raised their eyebrows but dared not say a word to the driver. That isn’t “Thai style” as you might know.

So – from that day forward I didn’t take a Thailand bus any damn place it is MUCH too dangerous in my opinion.

Do you know how many buses overturn in this country? Jesus. I wish now I had kept track. I guess I could track it by Google searches and find a portion of them – most I probably miss. I don’t scour the news for these accidents – but, they are constantly getting my attention because they are so horrific.

For transportation here is what I recommend:

1 – Plane

2 – Train

3 – Taxi driver in a car

4 – Rent your own car

5 – Motorbike if you are a skilled rider – or, very cautious.

I would never recommend you take those vans either. My recent trip on one to Phuket was a frightfest. We saw someone in a Mercedes in front of us go crashing aimlessly up over the center median and into a thick tree – head on at about 120kph. Probably fell asleep.

The roads in Thailand are scary to me – and should be scary to you.

The bus drivers that are crashing the buses in Thailand are either:

  • Overworked
  • Overwork themselves
  • On narcotics
  • Drunk
  • In competition with someone
  • In competition with the clock
  • Mentally unstable

I wouldn’t trust my life to one of them – I suggest you don’t either.

Here is the article about the latest bus crash and fatalities:


Disclaimer – I am speaking of the A/C VIP buses and not the local Thai buses – which, for the most part – go very slow and are not involved in the tragic accidents of the scale the VIP buses are. The overnight buses, and those that run at night – are more dangerous than the daytime buses. If it is raining and you are about to take a bus, cancel and reschedule. Really, that is my advice. It just isn’t worth the risk.


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