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8 Year Old Boy Abducted, Sold for Sex at Store in Pattaya

Wow, why is this stuff always happening in Pattaya? Is this where the sick farkers all go for vacation? I thought it was Cambodia… have things become too tough in Cambodia in Soi Kindergarten and now Pattaya is going to become the next Phnom Phen?

Anyone want to give me 40,000 baht per month and I’ll spend 12 hours per day finding the assmonkeys that like to do this kind of stuff? Seriously, I’ll go.



And it got so quiet that you could hear a pin drop… oh no, wait, that was a the buckle on a little boy’s pants falling to the floor…

Nobody really cares about this stuff…

8 Year Old Boy abducted and sold to Foreigners for sex in South Pattaya.

On 28th October, Khun Natarigar aged 39 made a report at Pattaya Police Station which stated that she had lost her 8 year old Son at the Carrefour Shopping Center. Since then she has been frantically searching the streets of Pattaya for him and in the early hours of Tuesday Morning, she spotted her Son in Soi Sunee Plaza in South Pattaya. The boy was with an older man and thanks to a quick response by Police, the man was arrested and the boy was returned to his Mother. At Pattaya Police Station, Khun Yotsapon aged 24 explained that he abducted the boy at Carrefour and then took him to Soi Sunee Plaza and sold the boy to foreigners. The boy was given 100 Baht every time he went with a customer. Police are now searching for the foreigners who engaged in sexual activities with the Boy and Khun Yotsapon is now behind bars on various charges relating to the case.


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