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ATM Card Theft in Thailand

There are more farangs that suck here in Thailand than you can shake a stick at…

I was going to write about something else today, but I saw two articles today about this and I’ve heard other stories about it – so – I’ll write about it today… ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) use in Thailand

First I was reading The NATION blogs section this morning – online – seems my broadband internet connection is working again – could they really have fixed that internet cable under the ocean in Hong Kong THAT quickly?

I’m up to dial up speeds of 7 Kbps – dial up speed in the USA and I’m paying for 1 mbps – 1000 baht per month – but oh well, at least I’m ON today.

ATM card theft in Thailand

So, I see a story about a guy that had his ATM card info stolen in Bangkok. Farang guy I guess because the article is in English. He had 60,000 baht stolen in one day – and was lucky to have checked it – using online banking access… The bank at first only offered to reimburse him 50%!!! The LAW is 100% and eventually they agreed to it.

This guy has no idea when they ripped his card and password – so – it must have been pretty stealthy. In the USA we have it at gas station pumps – they install something in the pump close to the credit card/ATM bank card pay slot – and it records the information from the cards somehow. Don’t know how they get the passwords – unless it’s written into the magnetic strip also – but that’d be dumb.

I see in the Pattaya paper something about 2 french guys getting nailed for stealing a guy’s credit card – they were caught – and with them they had a machine that reads the ATM or credit card magnetic strip information… French Nationals steal ATM card from German guy >

I think that Thailand – as well as everywhere else, must be full of guys like this that do this for a living. I’m afraid to use any cards online – and my computer has 2 virus scanners, updated virus definitions daily, and a firewall that lets me block whatever outgoing or incoming internet traffic I don’t want. I have Windows XP pro that’s updated with the latest updates. And STILL I’m afraid.

Then I read something like this – that makes me fear having money in my bank account here! What if I couldn’t prove that it wasn’t me making the withdrawals? I’d eat it! That’s what.

Half the banks here don’t have video to watch the ATM withdrawals. Isn’t that right? I read that somewhere AND I’ve looked and not seen a camera ANYWHERE on the ATMs at time here.

Not too comforting. But neither is keeping cash in my house. My latest strategy is limit each account to 20,000 baht. Anyone have any good ideas for keeping safe from this kind of fraud?



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