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Australian, 28, Hacked by Machete in Surin – Dies

A really tragic story out of Surin – up by Sisaket, Yasothan, Ubon Ratchathani – a non-tourist area, but where there are some expats that choose to live.

Here’s a bit I pulled from the Sydney Morning Harold…

An Australian tourist who died after being attacked in Thailand will be buried there on Friday (April 16, 2010), farewelled by his pregnant Thai wife and Adelaide family.

Andrew Oake, 28, had been holidaying in Prasat, near Surin in northeastern Thailand, for two months with his wife, Som, who is six months pregnant.

About four weeks ago the pair were traveling between villages when they were set upon by two men on motorbikes.

Som ran for help while Mr Oake was slashed in the arms and head with a machete in what might have been a failed robbery.

Full story here.

I lived in Ubon Ratchathani for a while and I had heard many stories from locals telling me to be careful at night driving the motorbike on any country roads or even main roads when nobody else was out. They told me about guys on motorbikes with machetes… They said attacks happen fairly often to locals and that it isn’t reported in the newspapers or on local TV much. I’ve mentioned the machete wielding motorcyclists a number of times on this blog. Never knew a farang to be killed as a result of an attack with machetes though.

So, just another reason to keep the Thais smiling no matter what the difficulty. Last Songkran I saw a guy being chased down a dirt road by numerous guys with knives, pipes, and machetes. Was he killed? I don’t know that there could have been any other outcome.

Anybody have any inside information about this?

Anything that specifically led up to this?


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One thought on “Australian, 28, Hacked by Machete in Surin – Dies

  • August 9, 2011 at 9:46 am

    I am an American living in Sai Noi , Thailand. I just bought a motorbike and want to start fishing locally. I would like to buy a machette (mainly for protection from cobras), but sense it might be good to have for protection from thieves i am beginning to hear about. Can you tell me where i can buy a machette in the Bangkok area ?


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