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How To Make Money Blogging in Thailand – Asia – The World

Blogs blowing up with passive income.


The idea of making money online with blogging was big for a while, and now it appears to have died off considerably. Couple reasons for that, I think the main one being very few people made much money with it. Then it got worse.

Though I’ve been making money online since 1999, I didn’t start my first blog – ThaiPulse.com, until 2007. There was a mass of early adopters who were blogging just to get traffic and monetize it using Google Adsense. I started a network of Thailand websites and we had at the peak about 2,300 unique visitors per day looking at over 6,000 pages. It was good for Adsense, but it wasn’t so highly developed back then. I think I peaked out around $800 per month with it. Enough for decent side-income, but not enough to pay all the bills.

So I created another blog, and another, and so on. I had around sixty blogs at one point. Funny, right? I really worked hard writing for a couple of years. I wrote at my blogs and I wrote books for Amazon. Some of the books are still selling well. Most are not. Competition came in and blew all of us away! There are over 1 million ebooks at Amazon, probably more like 1.3 million at the moment. Hell, maybe way more. Last time I checked was about three months ago.

Now, here we are, about three years past the blogging “boom.”


Blogging online for passive income is making HEAPS of people over $10,000 per month. That’s nice coin – isn’t it?

Absolutely clueless people have taken their blogs straight to the bank. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve become aware of – where people just started a blog about their garden, their bakery, their cookies, or something just so blah – and it BLEW UP. I was just listening to two podcasts yesterday of people that started their blogs after 2010 in the food area and they blew right up despite having not the slightest inclination where to go with their newfound success.

Google Adsense has taken a backseat to ramping up email lists and selling your own products. I’ve sold my ebooks at an average price of $3.99 – $4.99. If you create an ebook about a specific problem you can solve for people at your blog, you can charge $29.99 for a 100-page ebook. If you sell it yourself, you make $29.99 minus credit card or PayPal processing fees. Not bad, right? Yeah, really not bad.

Some bloggers are selling more than $10,000 per month of just their ebook. Others are selling products that they don’t own and receiving affiliate commissions. This is a great way to go because you have many products to choose from. But, your commission will be around 50%. Creating your own products gives you all the profit, but all the time and effort that goes into them is yours too.

Seems like an easy choice, right? Just sell other people’s products (OPP) and grab commissions.

But is it really better that way? Can you make more money that way? Can you offer your blog readers the same level of satisfaction?

Visitors on your site are there for a reason. They want to find out HOW to do something, for the most part. They want to figure out for themselves how to duplicate what you’re doing. Whether you have a running blog, an internet marketing blog, a digital nomad blog, whatever it is. Your audience, once big enough, can support you for a long time. People will come and go sure, but if you can keep a steady level of visitors – subscribers to your blog, you can really do well.

You can laser-target the needs of your clan by creating your own product to sell them. That’s one major advantage.

Well, let’s go over it.

4 Major Advantages to Creating Your Own Product

1. Laser-target your subscribers’ needs. You can survey your group to find out what exactly they are looking for, and build it for them. If you’ve built up a strong following, you can probably charge more money because they love you. Really. I would pay almost anything someone asked if I really thought they were exactly where I wanted to be and I knew they could help me get there.

2. You can sell upgrades that take them further. If you sell your own products you can have a master plan in which you just keep creating the next level for people to attain. They buy the first basic product. Then they want to know more, learn more, and they need the next level product. And so on.

3. THE BIGGIE. Your own products can give you passive income for a very long time. Already books I’ve written have been making me money every day for the past over 2,000 days. That’s pretty amazing, considering no one book ever took me more than 30 days to write. Most took around 15 days.

4. BIGGER than The Biggie. Affiliates can sell YOUR products and you make 50% from their sales and 100% from your sales. It is like multi-level marketing of sorts. Your affiliates can make you rich.

Is blogging dead in 2015? Not by a LOOOOOONG shot.

There are still millions, billions of dollars to be made by people like you and I creating a blog today and just going for it.

What is necessary to really blow up in 2015 with your blog?

1. Find traffic. If you’re not blogging about something that is going to bring you a lot of traffic, then you should stop blogging at all.

Blog BIG or go home.

Forget about this – “Find just 100 loyal fans” BS. To find 100 loyal fans, you have to go through 100,000 visitors anyway. Where are those 100,000 visitors coming from?

Unless you’re a whiz – forget about Google. I mean, optimize your site, sure. Go find links – sure. Then, start looking to social media for what they can throw you.

If you’re not hitting big traffic SOMEWHERE – then you’re not going anywhere at all.

There are so many places to find big traffic, but none of them are easy to convert into subscribers at your email list – and loyal fans. Really. I’m doing it a number of ways, and all of them are stinkers. It’s hard to game anything anymore. Lol. I mean, there was a time when you could throw up a 1-2 page website focused on some great keywords and you could absolutely SMASH IT within a couple of days – a week.

Gone are those easy-blogging days. Welcome to 2015.

Are you ready to play the game? Are you ready to BLOW-UP in 2015?

Join me if you’re sick of trying things that aren’t working.

Join me if you’re tired of reading stories, hearing podcasts, seeing videos of absolutely clueless people that are making BANK from their good fortune. People have fallen into a hole and hit their head on a niche that is just bringing them endless passive income.



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