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Current Political State of Thailand


Currently the country is calm and OK for visitors but you probably wouldn’t want to stay in Bangkok because the risk for something occuring is high.

The current ruling party has decided to place the brother in law of Thaksin Shinawatra into place as the ruler of Thailand. Not sure how this is going to sit with the followers of “People’s Alliance for Democracy” (PAD) as they are very anti-Thaksin.

If you visit Thailand during this time I’d recommend staying out of Bangkok and visiting other areas. If your travel plans aren’t a little flexible with the dates you return then I’d recommend you don’t come during this time. Protestors have taken to blocking the trains and airports over the last few weeks. Currently that has ended, but they could re-initiate that anytime.

Nothing outside of Bangkok has changed for anyone in the country. Nobody is really worried about a coup at the present time. That could change in an instant as the political state of the country is on edge.

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