What is Living in Thailand REALLY Like?

Working in Thailand

Working in Thailand can be tough to do. The way the working process is regulated in Thailand makes a large group of people just forget the idea and throw in the towel. Many people move to Philippines or Cambodia, even Laos, to work because the process is more streamlined in those countries.

Working in Thailand requires a work permit. Teaching, dive instructor, and a couple other things are all most of the tourists really do here in Thailand for employment.

If you want to write a book – technically you cannot without the work-permit. If you want to create websites online – you really, cannot without a work-permit from a Thai company. There is a very long list of occupations that foreigners are prohibited from doing. Basically, anything an uneducated Thai could do – a foreigner cannot do. You can’t even build your own home in Thailand. It is considered work. It gets more ridiculous than that too… some bar owners in Pattaya and Patong Beach, over the years have been arrested for pouring themselves a beer in the bar that they OWN. Yes, see – the work situation gets quite ludicrous.

Many schools will take care of the work permits for their teachers. Others won’t.

So, that’s the situation… it’s possible to start working in Thailand, but it won’t be without hurdles to jump over and hoops to do backflips through.

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