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I Think Kim is an Idiot…

Here’s a girl advertising for a baby sitter for her 6 year old for nights at a resort when apparently the adults won’t be there. What they’ll be doing is anyone’s guess – whether it’s getting stupid-drunk on Chang Beer and watching ladyboys dance on the tables, or whether she has a conference to attend – no matter, it’s a bad move.


We are visiting Phuket from the 3rd-13th May this year. We require occassional carer for our 6year old daughter. Must be willing to work at our resort. Mostly evenings. Must be able to swim. Pay by hour negotiable.

Who in their right mind would visit Patong Beach with their 6 year old child and not stay with the child at all times? Who would do this?

Kim Draper, and her husband or whomever she’s referring to in the “we” she uses.

Is this how parents find babysitters to entrust the most important people in their lives to? Am I making any sense to anyone or is this the normal state of mankind where the kids are an afterthought that need to be watched by strangers while traveling to other countries?

Kim, if you take a child to another country you can’t – if you have any common sense in your head – leave him/her with a stranger you’ve not met and known for a good long time.

And you want someone that can swim? You’re going to entrust your kid to be in the pool with a stranger? Do you have any idea how easy it is to drown in a pool?

Welcome to Thailand Kim, you’ll fit right in here… we get all kinds.


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