What is Living in Thailand REALLY Like?

If you think you CAN’T do it, you MUST

Thai Buddhism ghost or demon
I’m not saying that you need to go out and break some laws.

But, just that you need to challenge yourself sometimes. You might need to see something that inspires you and gives you what you need to get to the next level… or even to get through another day.

I’m usually trying to push myself to do something different that I’ve never done before. I love new experience. I crave it. I really thrive on it. If I’m driving on the motorbike and I know I’ve got 160 km ahead of me, but I see a wat (temple) with some ancient buildings inside I will drive by because I don’t think I “CAN” go see it – since my azz will be in an inflated and red state after hours riding the motorcycle on the bumpy road. Usually I want to GET THERE as fast as possible to negate whatever azzswelling there will be.

But, if I see a new thing – after I pass it by, I will say – YOU WON’T GET ANOTHER CHANCE TO SEE THIS. JUST DO IT NOW, NO THOUGHTS. And I do.

I turn around and go see it. You know, of the hundred or so temples I’ve seen in Thailand – EVERY one of them had something interesting and unique from the others once I got in there. It might have been a different Buddha statue. A monk that spoke English. Some kids that were playing. Children monks playing with water guns. A guy who knew I was from Florida and had a son before I knew what was happening. That was quite an odd thing. I am playing with the idea of returning to see him. I was floored and couldn’t really speak after he said it. He said nothing to me except… Florida.

That was so eerie (he had eyes that were very strange – I thought maybe he was blind – but no – he saw OK). I left quickly not being able to comprehend how he could know – except if he “saw things”.

I don’t believe in people seeing things – or I didn’t. I guess maybe he made me believe. This was last week and I still think about it everyday.

Anyway, so there are many strange things in Thailand – and at every place I’ve stopped I haven’t been disappointed. Someday I’ll put the couple thousand photos up on the internet.

The photo at the top of the page is a ghost or demon. The Buddhist story is that this person on earth was a bad person that spoke back to his parents – with disrespect and bad words. When he died he had a mouth that was as small as a needle and he couldn’t eat. I’m not sure what the truckload of turd is that he’s expelling from his bottom – but, maybe better not to ask.

Here is a video that I took a few months back – a 3 second clip – it should download quickly for you. Watch it a few times….

Amazing and inspiring – and only 3 seconds long!

Ant video >

Try to adopt that mindset… if you think you can’t – then you must. It’s an idea that I think I got originally from Tony Robbins.


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