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4 Books to Read on Vacation in Thailand!

Some Thailand Book Reviews

I don’t read books much anymore, but spending a lot of time on the trains and buses over the course of my time traveling around Thailand I picked some used books up just to stave off the boredom that builds up on a 12-hour trip. I don’t have an iPod video gadget and my laptop battery is done in 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on what I’m doing.

Books don’t need batteries. The following books are the ones I really recommend.

I never read books in their entirety. When I hit a spot that the book starts to get boring or is about something I could give a yank about, I skip it. Sometimes I skip whole chapters, sometimes I skip the whole middle of a book! With this list of books, I skipped very little. In fact, I think only the Girls, Guns, and Ganga did I skip anything at all.

Read these!

Books about Asia that were good…

Girls, Guns, and Ganga…

A free-flowing book that got me to identify with this guy’s easy-going lifestyle… but he was wrecked on drugs a lot of the time!

The Bangkok Hilton

Story of a girl from England that was put in jail in Thailand and England for a long, long time for attempting to transport drugs country to country. This one is a sad story that is about a serious mistake and loss of freedom for so many years… If I’m mistaken about the title of this one let me know – I read two about westerners that were in jail here – one was an English girl – and that’s the book I liked… there was another one – and I hope I’m not confusing them…!

Books about Asia that i’ve read recently that ripped my heart out..

The Sorrow of War – Bao Ninh

This one is from the perspective of a guy in the Vietnam war… the part about him having a girl that he loved and that loved him at the beginning and what that turned into – and then what happened at the very end as it’s revealed is farking heartbreaking and takes “sick” to a new level…

The Sorrow of War
Bao Ninh

[translated from the Vietnamese]

Minerva 1994

Bao Ninh’s The Sorrow of War is a powerful Vietnam war novellete. Sometimes there is difficulty understanding from which perspective it’s being written – and that’s cool! Kien, is the writer. The story jumps backward and forward in time between the events. Kien looks at the whole timeline of his life, but the majority is on the events of the war – from his perspective.

3 September 1995

First they killed my father…

This is a story about the Cambodian Kmer Dynasty nightmare. Just ridiculous the amount of hell that the Cambodians endured for not really understanding what was going to happen to them or why it was happening. This one tells the story from a little girl’s perspective. Her family is forced to work on the farm and she is one tough little girl – but it kills you to know that she is so tough at this very young age…

Here are some other books at ThailandeBooks.com you should check out – readable on iPhone, Blackberry, Mac, PC, etc…

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