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4 Puppies – My Good Deed

Some bitch abandoned her pups across the street in a hole of dirt. We didn’t see her come by to feed them for four days. There were some other neighbors over there looking at the pups and I was spying on them from the window – cheering them on to take not just the one they had picked up, but all 5.

They took just 1.

It was night time and they sat across the street from them – a busy street, every vehicle is doing over 70 kph on that road. They were holed-up about 2 meters from the road and sometimes wander around close to it.

The ladies were probably waiting for the mom – which didn’t come. I saw them on the phones – presumably with their husbands – “Oh honey – there are 5 and they’re all gonna die if we don’t take them now… Please honey, just this one time…”

They took just 1.

We have a new baby and she’s quite a handful – but I know if started seeing month old puppies splattered all over the road in front of our house every day or so – it would get to be a bit for the conscience.

I strapped the cavelight to my head and headed over with a plastic drawer and pulled them out of the hole. Four pups, skinny as twigs. I bathed them and made a pen in the garage, covered it and set off to buy some milk and puppy grub.

On day 1 in the garage I saw mom wander across the street. I whistled and picked up one of her pups and showed her – and put the pup down and walked away…

So did she!

That was about 10 days ago. They’re much stronger, bigger, and have 1/10th the fleas they did have. They’re due for another flea powdering. Then, as planned, I’m taking at least 3 of them… to the local wat and dropping them off with some money tied to their necks.

That’s reality… I can’t keep 4 dogs. The owner of the mother dog that abandoned them didn’t care enough to go looking for the pups… The owner didn’t give a care about fixing her female dog either… that dog has probably had 5-10 litters over her lifetime, maybe with 5 dogs a pop. Let’s say 35 pups… and you know what? Probably 30 of them died on the street being hit by cars, motorbikes, and trucks.

It seems every dog in Thailand meets it’s eventual fate – the tire of a vehicle.

Did I tell you about my 6 overnight bus trips in Thailand?

3 dogs were hit. There must be THOUSANDS per year just hit by buses alone! One time a bus I was in hit a COW in the middle of a busy intersection… why? The bus driver just beeped the farking horn and never slowed. We were only doing 25 kph… we could have easily stopped 20 meters before we hit the cow… nope, in typical Thai fashion this jackass laid on the horn and never slowed.

Anyway, if you haven’t noticed… the dogs are not cared for – enough.

When do you think that will change?

When they get a new government?


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One thought on “4 Puppies – My Good Deed

  • March 17, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    Great thing you did :)

    Hopefully they will live long!


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