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Land of Smiles…

They don’t call Thailand “Land of Smiles” for nothing

This from Thailand’s Daily News a little while back.

An unknown guy (at the time) was beat up and hanged from a tree by a path around a famous park in Nakhon Sawan (the biggest park).

They suspect that he was a member of a teen gang called “Red Gang”. This gang frequently annoyed others.  I guess they wear red everything.

You must at least LOOK at the Thai newspapers sometimes. They are filled with the most horrible stuff. The photos that they allow to get into the papers are shocking but Thai people are smiling as they read them.

This young guy not only was killed, but his family and friends including his gang are all going to be quite embarrassed over this nationwide photo! Red underwear with cartoon figures on them? What kind of gang is this – kiddy gang?

Who is going to take these guys seriously anymore?

Jokes aside, this is really disgusting to have two guys that are supposed to be investigating this murder and instead are all smiles and joking around about something that is funny to them.  Are they smiling because the guy lost bladder control after he died and pissed his red undies, or is it just that they think his red undies are funny?

Really bizarre man.

My girlfriend told me that she gets angry about it too. We’ve both seen photos in the newspapers of a girl that was raped and killed and left naked in a field somewhere. The photo in the news shows a naked girl with her legs spread and her face is thankfully blurred out. However, these clowns then go ahead and put a portrait of her face with a big smile within millimeters of the dead girl’s photo so you can see exactly who she was.

Can you imagine this shite going down in some other “civilized” country like the USA?  Maybe it is in newspapers like the GLOBE and others, but I’ve not seen them for a long time. I know that nobody is cracking smiles in the pictures of grisly murders though.

Maybe this photo IS funny, but I’m not getting it…

Anyone getting it?

Land of smiles really means land of smiles. There are a lot of reasons to smile that foreigners would agree with, and yet there are a lot of things Thais’ are smiling about that we “just don’t get”.

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