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Top 5 Coolest Thailand Experiences

I want to write about something fun today – so I’ve chosen, the Top 10 5 Coolest Thailand Experiences I’ve had.

These are not in any sort of order, just things I’ve done in Thailand that were exceptional and that I would strongly recommend to others – if you like the sort of things I do.

1. Eating on floating bamboo huts on the river in Ubon Ratchathani (among other places).  Eating there in the afternoon or at night with a liberal dose of mosquito lotion and those burning mosquito coils is a great experience. Sleepy after you eat? Lay down and have a nap as you’re lulled to sleep by the gentle rolling rhythm of the river.

2. Climbing a mountain in Tub Kaak, Krabi Province. It’s called, “Huang Nok” and is difficult to say to locals, but eventually they get my northeastern accent right and figure out what I’m saying. It’s a 500 meter high mountain that’s a couple hour hike if you go fast. At the top I surprised a big eagle that was behind a bush and I fell backward in shock as it flapped frantically to get airborne. There are 360 degree views of the beach and limestone karst topography. A great hike! Free! More info -> Hang Nak video. Hang Nak photo tour ->

3. Magic Beach and peninsula. There is a great little beach at the end of Patong’s Beach road that is well hidden, a bit dangerous – treacherous when wet, and well worth the hike even if you don’t take your motorbike the whole way in. You can lounge around all day in the beach chairs or go explore the other side of the peninsula. Snorkeling is excellent there during calm weather.

4. Driving the motorbike – a 2-stroke Honda Nova Anniversary edition from Ubon all the way to Surat Thani. Awesome trip and had a blast while driving and during the stop-offs at small towns I stayed at night.

5. Meeting new people from all over the globe. It’s really been eye-opening to meet people from all over the world on an almost daily basis. I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Before I came to Thailand I didn’t know people from most countries in the world. Now I’ve met people from most countries… talked to them. Even shared a beer with them in many cases.

How about you? Have any great experiences in Thailand?


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