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Why Songkran Water Festival in Thailand is the Most Fun I’ve Ever Had…

Songkran is the MOST FUN I’ve ever had because…

1. I don’t have to work or do ANYTHING except have fun and eat whatever comes around on the food cart for 3 days.

2. It’s extremely hot in the sun and yet I’m never hot because I’m constantly “refreshed” with cool, sometimes ICY water spray, splashes, droplets and torrents.

3. Usually there is something illegal to drink, and nearly everyone except those with kids are drinking and in a state of uncontrolled merriment.

4. Songkran is the safest example of experiencing masses of people in near chaos.

5. Songkran is the closest thing I’ll ever come to a Roman orgy.

6. I don’t answer my cellphone or get on the computer or think about any electronic device except a camera which is for documenting the fun only.

7. I’m a celebrity in the smaller towns because only 1 out of every 30,000 people or so is a foreigner. Everyone loves me and everyone wants to smile at me, splash me, touch me and say something sweet to me.

8. Police aren’t checking motorbike riders for helmets during Songkran.

9. The most beautiful girls (and sometimes Katoeys – ladyboys) want to touch my face gently and rub powder on my cheeks and tell me “Welcome to Thailand” or “Good Luck” or “I love you…”.

10. The motorbike gets washed for free.

11. It’s outrageous fun to splash people that you’ve never seen before and have them laugh and smile at it instead of rip your head off like they would in the USA.

12. The music is loud and there are people dancing all over the streets in their comfortable Songkran clothes and also in the pickup trucks that are driving by full of people in the back.

13. I’ve never seen the entire age range from babies to geezers having more fun at the same time. I’ve never seen more smiles in one day than any day of Songkran.

14. Groups of people offer me lots of FREE alcohol.

15. I completely wear myself out having fun. After 10 hours of squirting and throwing water in the hot sun it’s exhausting and I sleep like a baby by 9pm during Songkran.

16. I can dance with and flirt with all the beautiful girls and women and my girlfriend doesn’t care and neither do the girls’ boyfriends!

17. The look on a little kid’s face who is only about 5 years old who finally gets the nerve up to pour ice cold water down my back is… PRICELESS.

Those are some of my personal reasons for calling Songkran Water Festival the most fun I’ve ever had.

What are some of yours?


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One thought on “Why Songkran Water Festival in Thailand is the Most Fun I’ve Ever Had…

  • April 28, 2011 at 3:44 am

    Hi Vern,

    I totally agree with you. I remember my first Songkran as it was yesterday. I can not wait until next april again.

    Here in Khanom we are only celebrating Songkran a few days. If you want go “all in” you should visit Pattaya during the Songkran. They really knows who to party and it lasts for about a week.



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