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Thailand Adventure: Zip Lines, White Water, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking!

Zip line canopy rides through the trees in Chiang Mai.
Zip line canopy rides through the trees in Chiang Mai.

I was looking around for something online and I stumbled across this site for a company in Chiang Mai, Tree Top Asia that offers:

  • Trekking / Hiking
  • Waterfall trip
  • White Water Rafting
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Zip line rides through the tree canopy

I’ve not been to Chiang Mai yet, having missed the entire north between Nong Khai and above Bangkok. I’ve heard that there is some mountain climbing and hikes through some mountains, but I’ve not heard of any company that offers everything this one does.

I think in general the kind of visitors that come to Thailand are those that want to relax, shop, drink, and see the nightlife. I don’t think there are all that many that are adventurous and want to go on all day hikes or adventures like zip line rides or rock climbing.

Even in Railay beach, Krabi, world famous for rock climbing there are seldom more than 20 people climbing the rocks at any one time. Unless they’re so high up they’re invisible.

Mountain biking? Does anyone do this? I see so few tourists on mountain bikes that I don’t think anyone’s really interested. The sports fanatics don’t come to Thailand – and that’s hard for me to believe because it’s such an ideal place for everything. I’ve considered getting a mountain bike about 9 times over the past years and I always put it off thinking that running is just as good. I’ve considered starting a mountain bike rental store with tours. I just don’t see that there’d be many takers. Recently I’ve noticed some online mentions of Krabi Bike Tours – which has some overnight and 1-day Krabi mountain bike tours. Not sure if they’ll pull enough business to make it. I’m pulling for them!

In fact, in Ko Samui they had a mountain bike tour company named Red Bike or something like that. The trails were awesome, but they ended up closing. Why? Not enough people I suspect. Their web site made it seem like the ultimate mountain bike adventure to me – and I was psyched to try it. The hills were steep and the views incredible. By the time I got over there they had closed up. I think the trails were too ambitious for Thailand’s lazy visitors.

So – if you’re up for a lot more adventure than just bungy jumping head up to Chiang Mai and check this company out. Seems like they have quite a cool experience to offer. Oh, they also have homestay opportunities in a village in the mountains. Lots of photos on their site and the prices seem reasonable  – like 2400 baht to 6000 baht for what I think was an all inclusive package. Got a break from teaching this October? Head up there before the rains get too bad! Let me know how it goes, or if you already tried this place.


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