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Funny Signs and T-Shirts in Thailand

The things that Thai signs and T-shirts say are priceless.

The funny sign below was posted on the back of the door at a hotel I stayed at in Pattaya for a night. The old Chinese woman that owned it spoke OK enough
to understand everything, I SAID in English, but the sign in my room on the back of the door was really a gem…

Sure it was a 400 baht per night hotel – but, still…


Sometimes the t-shirts are funnier than the signs.

Many shirts have funny sayings with broken English or ideas that don’t translate well into words or maybe they’re off by a letter or more. I’ve seen “Century 21 Doritos” shirts!

Kids will wear anything with English on them. I’ve seen 13 year old kids wearing “FU&K YOU WANKERS!” t-shirts in BIG letters that you can’t miss. Just a couple days ago I saw one that said “FUCK LOVE.” This was worn by a 15 year old coming out of her schoolyard.

I’ve seen boys and girls of all ages wear shirts that said in VERY large print, “FUCK me”.

There are 9 year olds in Playboy Shirts and “Too Sexy” shirts.

Thai people of all ages wear t-shirts written in English that make no sense whatsoever. I doubt most of them know what they say at all.

Some of the best ones are shirts that little old women will have on…

There are senior citizens wearing “Sexy Girl” rhinestone shirts or – photos of skeletons having sex – and it says “Rock my Bones” or something else outlandish… They catch me off-guard and make me laugh out loud sometimes!

If you want to see more, here is a large collection of photos taken around Thailand… the page is very large, if you don’t have a fast connection, don’t bother…

(they removed the site)

They screw it up not just a little bit, but a LOT.  Sometimes the signs are so screwed up you can’t even GUESS the meaning of what they’re trying to say. I suspect many things are popped into an online translator – a whole page of text, and then pasted into a web site or for the printer to print.

I just found a translation service online that is very basic, but quite helpful. In fact, if you were able to enter some simple Thai text you’d probably be able to figure out what the subject matter is.

Thai2english – Simple translations, cut and paste

Below is a query where I entered some Thai text from my wife’s Thai-English translation service and it gives great info when the mouse is held over
each word – it gives the dictionary
definition of the word and how to say it. Very cool!

Very cool for what it does, but what it does NOT do, and I’ve never found a decent online resource for this, is TRANSLATE a paragraph or an SMS message within a 60% accuracy level. It must be just about impossible to do – or, people don’t have a serious enough motivation to tackle the project. I know I don’t!

Have you seen any other funny signs or t-shirts? Have pictures? If you want them published send them in to: ThaiPulse[-at-]gmail.com and I’ll post them.

If you know a site that has a nice collection, let us know that too.


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