What is Living in Thailand REALLY Like?

Notecard, Isaan, Garn

Notecard: Isaan 2nd grade school class, English program

I’ve got many of these – I made 60 yesterday. I won’t bore
you with too many at a time. And, don’t go back through
all of them and read them all at once or you’ll burn out
on them!

The pictures of excrement part – is a story about when I was teaching 2nd grade at Assumption College. The kids were having a fun day of drawing funny pictures of their teacher – me – and writing funny phrases and words on
them. They’d hand me the picture and then watch for my reaction – which was always exaggerated and incredulous.

They had a blast with this. It started after one girl drew a picture of me on her homework – and it was funny. I pretended that I got angry – but in a funny way. Then another kid drew something and gave it to me. Then the entire 2nd grade class were drawing funny pictures of me and giving them to me.

The class clown – a kid named Garn was sitting there for 15 minutes with a smirk on his face. This kid was really odd – like he was out of touch with reality. BUT, he was brilliant and if he ever applied himself – and he did
sometimes just to see my reaction because I lavished praise on him when he did.

So he’s sitting there smirking as each kid brought up funny pictures and I read the comments – like “Aj Vern no feet” or “fat mr vern” or “mr vern no arms” or “no mr vern” and other things. Some kids gave me 6 pictures making fun of me!

Garn comes up just as I had gathered my stuff and he hands me a very small corner of a piece of paper that he ripped from a page. In pencil was a picture, un- mistakably of a STEAMING TURD. He walked back to his desk slowly and sat down – barely able to hold back his grin… He thought mr vern was a piece
of steaming shite!

So – that’s teaching Prathom 2 in Thailand. Chaos. Funny pictures. And, not me, but other farangs that come into school drunk either after nights out late
or after they’ve had their morning beers.


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