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Songkran Portal 2009: Everything About Songkran!

Songkran water throwing festival in Thailand (Thai New Year)Every year I do a little collection of links about Thailand’s amazing Songkran festival marking the beginning of the traditional New Year.

This is by far the most links I’ve put together (and without any form of organization to them at all – just a mess of links) on Songkran. If you can make it for Songkran – you must – at least once in your life. It’s really the most fun I’ve ever had and probably you’ll rank it top 10 in your life as well…

Top Songkran Links over the last couple years:

What is Songkran Water throwing festival? (Thai New Years)

Songkran Festival videos >

A little history about Thailand (Songkran blip) >

5 Photos of Songkran Festival >

Another 5 Songkran celebration photos.

Thai Holidays – a list of Thai celebrate annual holidays

How to make yourself squirt… ( make a squirter by yourself)

The Thai concept of “Face” – I watched a man die during Songkran Festival.

Thailand Musing’s, Thai New Year Songkran Festival or Water Festival

My category of Songkran articles I’ve written at this blog.

6 Photos of Songkran, Thailand.

6 More Photos of Songkran Festival.

4 Songkran festival videos and TIPS.

Second Songkran for me in Thailand.

Why Songkran Water Festival (Thai New Year) is the most fun I’ve ever had

Songkran 2007 – Photos, videos, history, firsthand experience, and links

Making a BIG PVC squirter Stick for Songkran

Jason’s Songkran post at Isaanstyle’s Thailand blog

Jason’s article about Thai group wanting to ban alcohol for this 2009 Songkran.

Jason’s article about a fight during 2007 Songkran – guy a with a SWORD!

Jason’s article about traffic deaths during 2007 Songkran

Jason’s post about Thai ladyboys (Katoeys Thais’ call them) during Songkran Festival – link to video

Jason’s video as he rides through Ubon during Songkran

Songkran Pics at The World is Not Flat.

Introduction to Songkran | Thailand Musings

Some history about Songkran from Thailand Musings

Choosing hotels for Songkran – Steve at Thailand Musings

YouTube Videos of Songkran >

Over 16,000 Flickr Photos of Songkran >


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