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Amazing Thai Food by Joy

Joy's Thai Food Cooking Blog. Thailand's best.
Joy's Thai Food Cooking Blog. Thailand's best.

I’ve had the pleasure of eating the most delicious Thai food on the planet over the last four years. Sure there are good Thai restaurants here – all of them authentic… but, what I’m talking about is “Joy’s Thai Food!”. If we ever move back to the states and she’s up for it – we’ll open a Thai food restaurant that I’m sure will be the talk of the town. Many Thai girls can cook. They grow up learning to cook – from a time when their families didn’t eat out for every meal, but when it was cheaper to cook at home. Somehow Joy not only learned to cook – but learned to cook like a pro in the kitchen of her poor family! I’ve never dated a girl that could cook so much variety of food – so well. Many of the Thai meals she makes are not found in the restaurants we usually eat at. Some are home recipes that she grew up eating at home. Some have changed in the restaurants – especially in Bangkok where they seem to be catering to the international community and it’s not as good as in the provinces away from Bangkok. I like it spicy and she, growing up in Isaan – can eat it even more spicy than me. For Isaan food there are some different levels of spiciness we blogged about here. If you, your mom, sister or brother want to eat some authentic and amazing Thai food you can download a sample of it here and purchase from her site. She includes a lot of bonuses with it, have a look: Thai food recipe sample ebook.


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