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Thai Restaurants in the USA

Not like Thai Restaurant food in America.When I lived in Florida there must have been 10 Thai restaurants within 25 miles of my home.

Before I came to Thailand I spent a lot of time eating in all the different Thai restaurants I could to make sure I could live in Thailand for a year eating almost nothing but Thai food.

As it turns out – I wasn’t getting a good idea about authentic Thai food from US Thai eateries. Many of the foods on the menus at these restaurants were some kind of Thai-American fusion that didn’t correlate with real food available in Thailand. One of these in particular – an appetizer called “Crab Rangoon” was wildly successful in a couple of Thai restaurants in Tampa. When I arrived in Thailand I was all set to find and eat the best crab rangoon in the world.

I’ve been here 4 years and apparently it isn’t made here or, it goes by a different name that I haven’t figure out yet.

Thai restaurants dumb down the Thai food taste to a degree that it’s not even close to authentic Thai. It’s probably necessary – Americans don’t like hot spicy food in general and the restaurants serving Thai in the states have to make the masses happy – not individuals.

If you come here to Thailand to stay long-term you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at the Thai food restaurants here. There is a vast variety of food types and in a year you could eat something different every day.

If you’re up for making some Thai food at home you can try Joy’s Thai Food cooking blog – she’s an authentic Thai food expert from the northeast section of Thailand where the cooking is especially focused on HOT & SPICY food, much more so than in the south of Thailand (there’s a big rivalry about that).

If you want to find Thai restaurants in your area of the US – try this Thai restaurant section of our Thaipulse site where we have over 1,000 US Thai restaurants listed.


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