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Thailand Relationships and Blackberries…

Thailand relationships and blackberries

Can any marriage hold up once a guy visits Thailand?

I think there must be a correlation between marriages
that dissolve and trips to Thailand. Gotta be!

Just one of those things that are too tough to study,
but that one could guess at. Personally I know 3 guys
that came here, enjoyed themselves quite a bit.


And then went home and divorced. Not within a week,
but, soon after. Yes, maybe their relationship was
troubled before and that was the reason for coming to
Thailand… not sure.

Mobile phones, PDA’s and internet access available
almost anywhere – even LAOS is a relationship killer
for sure. No wonder a long time ago there was so
little cheating going on compared to now – there
weren’t so many ways to do it!

A friend told me yesterday about OKcupid – a meeting
place that is free online. Another guy uses asia friend

Last night I was browsing the internet with my new
phone, just playing around, and it went to the
pre-installed home page that offered chat, meetings,
and some other stuff. I checked out the chat. There
were Thai girls chatting on their phones with guys
that were visiting Thailand. It was wild… right there
on my phone. The girls ranged in age from 14 to
50. All the major cities were represented, but the
closest one to me was Phuket – which is a bit far.

I read some profiles and tried to chat with some
people. If the person wasn’t signed on right then
I could leave a message and it would beep them
so they knew they had a message on this service.

Likewise, I was getting beeped all night and had
to turn off the phone.

I think it’s part of the AIS service since I saw some-
thing about downloading ringtones and photos, and
software – I believe from them.

After I had connected the service told me I’d be
charged 30baht for using it for one month. I said
“OK”. I don’t know if it’s recurring or not.

I’m still playing with this new phone – I may yet opt
for a blackberry or the new Moto Q gsm that’s coming
out in the next month or so. I think I need a QWERTY
keypad afterall – to type simple things for short emails
or SMS messages. I thought I could use a bluetooth
keyboard, but it appears too much of an effort since
I know I COULD have a phone that does almost every-
thing this one does – AND have the QWERTY.

Anyway, there are a host of online dating and chat sites
in Thailand. I think someone mentioned BangkokChat
on a site I read a while ago. I’ve not checked it out.

You CAN find some free sites out there. Most will ask
you to pay. Up to you…

Today I’ll try the free VOIP – Voice Over IP (Internet
Protocol) which is a communication language for
computers to use over the internet.

I’ll let you know how that goes. The theory is that I can
call anywhere in the world from my mobile phone using
the INTERNET, not AIS phone service, and the cost is

Skype offers this on their computer chat software
program. Yahoo has computer to computer calling.
Google even got in the game.

I THINK that to call from phone to phone though costs
money – but this Nokia manual seems to be telling me
it’s free. I think it depends on the service, unless they
have one built in that’s free.

There must be a free one out there.

I’ll try today and let you all know how to do it from your
VOIP enabled phones.



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