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Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort | Krabi, Thailand

Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort wilderness area has bungalows for getting away from the stress of life. The best wildlife area in the area.
Incredible landscaping and views from the hill in your private bungalow.

This is an amazing natural resort located at the base of Khao Phanom mountain in Krabi Noi, in Krabi province just outside Krabi Town. There are a number of bungalows situated on a sloping hill that faces a steep limestone rock-face. There is a natural freshwater stream and pools of water with small waterfalls.

This resort is located in the middle of the Krabi rainforest and there is literally NOTHING like it in the province. If you are a nature buff, or just want a very quiet time spent at a private bungalow with a hammock on the porch – this is your ideal place to stay in Krabi!

The manager of this resort, “Son”, speaks English very well and you won’t have any problem understanding him. He knows the Krabi Town and Ao Nang areas very well, he was a diving instructor years ago in Ao Nang. He knows everybody. He knows how to keep you happy.

Amazing lush greenery and wilderness areas to explore.
Rainshower over the bungalows cleared up in 10 minutes.

The bungalows are quite inexpensive and private. You’re not flush up against another bungalow next to you. Whether you are looking for an ideal honeymoon location, or for a place to make a base for your exploration of wild birds, butterflies, moths, reptiles, amphibians… whatever it is – this is the ideal nature resort in Thailand to stay for a few days or summer.

Thai food in Krabi at Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort - delicious buffet.
This was just part of the Christmas buffet dinner Son and Joob’s family made us. So delicious!
Thai grilled shrimp at one of best restaurants in Krabi, Thailand.
A mountain of grilled Thai shrimp on the plate! You should come here to Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort, even if you only come for the food. All dishes are excellent.

The restaurant is fantastic. There are few great restaurants in Krabi, and this is one of them! We have eaten there countless times and have never had a bad or even average meal. Son and his family cook at a very high level. You probably won’t want to leave.

Transportation to and from the resort can be setup with Son, or give your taxi driver his phone and they’ll work it out.

The resort is located about 15 km from Krabi Town. The resort has electricity, internet (in the restaurant, no WIFI in rooms), clean running water, and is well stocked with Thai beer and a bar with Bailey’s Irish Cream. What more could you want? ;)

Restaurant and Check-in area.
Restaurant and Check-in area.

There are a number of tours available, just ask Son once you arrive what there is to do. Something you shouldn’t miss if you are an outdoors type person is jungle hiking. Here is a description of 3 hikes you can do: Jungle Hiking (click).

Rating: 5 STAR * * * * * This resort gets our highest rating as a jungle resort, and has consistently for six years now. You won’t be disappointed with your stay.
* * * * * *
To Reserve Jungle Trekking Tours in Krabi – Or, Any Krabi Tour:

CLICK HERE for the Reservations and Info Page.

One of the Bungalows up on the hill with a great view of the limestone mountains.
One of the Bungalows up on the hill with a great view of the limestone mountains.

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