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There are numerous internet shops available in Krabi Town and at the Ao Nang Beach. Usually there is a big sign in English saying “INTERNET” and you can’t miss them.

For other options – many (just about everyone) hotels and resorts now offer WIFI internet in your room – or at least in the lobby. Typically the lobby internet is free and in your room you pay extra. Ask first of course. Typical in your room internet fees might be 40-100 THB per day, or they might be completely free. If you are staying for a week you should be able to get them to drop the internet fees for your room – at least to half, hopefully to zero.

Another option for internet is that you can get it on your AIS enabled mobile phone. Buy a SIM card for AIS for 50 baht at the shops in Vogue Mall in downtown Krabi, or anywhere – they sell them in Big C, Tesco, and Ao Nang has some phone shops too. Tell them you want to setup internet on your phone. Add money to your phone by purchasing cards at 7-11 counter. Say – “Ow 1, 2 Call” Sam Loy Baht” for a 300 baht card that works with AIS’s 1-2 call service. The other major mobile phone service provider I recommend in Krabi is DTAC. I’d get AIS 1-2 Call over DTAC though. I have had a better and more consistent signal with 1-2 Call.

See this post on internet setup on how to setup your phone with internet and get your computer hooked up to your phone working as your internet connection in Krabi – or anywhere in Thailand. There are many excellent links below that post – so click them if you see something interesting.

Restaurant WIFI is a great alternative to the internet shops that tend to be filled with kids playing the most annoying games you can imagine. Check out our restaurant section.

Here are some Krabi restaurants with free WIFI.

1. Ruen Patchara
2. Easy Cafe
3. Franco’s Italian Restaurant
4. The Garden (Krabi Road)


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