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“Spa Island” – Ko Samui

Ko Samui island in the Gulf of Thailand has long been a destination for those looking to relax in the sun and maybe take in a Thai beach massage, or spa treatment. Nowadays, the facilities available are much more refined, and Samui is home to world-class spas offering a wide range of services and facilities.


The traditional Thai massage is well known for its benefits to the body and it is still the most popular treatment. Though do look out for other practices such as Chinese-style reflexology and a Thai massage involving herbal compresses called Pra Krop which is very beneficial for aching joints and muscles.

Cleansing the Body:

This can be approached from the outside in by replenishing your skin with a clay or mud wrap, followed by a cleansing steam bath spa treatment. Or you can work from the inside, simply eating more of the wonderfully healthy fresh fruit available in the area, or go all out with an assisted fast for a few days, or even longer! Colonic irrigation is usually offered with fasting, though can be undertaken on its own to improve general well-being along with detoxifying the body.

Cleansing the Mind:

The natural beauty of Ko Samui island is conducive for unwinding and letting your worries just fade away. Many spas offer classes of basic yoga or tai chi which not only help to tone and strengthen the body but also help to calm and relax the mind further, leading to a more centered or balanced feeling. Meditation provides the simplest method for achieving this, and some Samui spas offer free meditation instruction to their guests.

Complementary Therapies :

These have become more popular in recent times as people come to understand the deeper benefits they can offer. Energy work such as Reiki and chakra balancing are best experienced regularly, but some people can have profound experiences with just one treatment. Visitors to Samui may find a session with a life coach or counselor also can be revealing and helpful, especially after their minds have calmed and become clear.

Eating Well:

The restaurants at spas generally offer healthy, light food that is perfectly in keeping with their aims at promoting well being. And their naturopaths and Ayurvedic practitioners can offer advice on changing your eating habits to improve your health in the long term, so making your Ko Samui spa experience last for more than just one day.

Beautifying Treatments:

Widely available and all part of feeling good about yourself, these services are not just aimed at women. Having a manicure or a pedicure is a great way to finish off a day at the spa, though waxing might be better done earlier in the day, followed by a more gentle treatment!


World-class Ko Samui spas do command world-class prices, and it’s possible to spend well over a thousand dollars for a full spa day with all treatments being carried out in a private chalet room. Though there are other spas charging less than $20 for a Thai massage or facial. On Samui, there really is a price range to suit all budgets.

Spas to Try:

Getting to Ko Samui Island:

Getting to Ko Samui island, once in Thailand is easy. There are flights going direct from Phuket and Bangkok to Ko Samui daily. In addition to the airline, option is the ferry option and you can reach Ko Samui island from Bangkok, Chumphon, Pattaya, and Don Sak and Surat Thani piers in Surat Thani province.

If a train is your thing best to take the train to Chumphon exit and take a ferry from there. If you are in the south you might want to take a train to Surat Thani’s Phunpin station and get a van to Don Sak pier which will connect you with a ferry to Ko Samui island, as well as Ko Tao and Ko Phangnan islands.

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