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Krabi Buddhist Temples Tours

Shows Krabi Buddhist temple in Krabi Town. One of Krabi's many tourist attractions.
Wat Kaew Woraram is located in the heart of Krabi Town on the same street as the cavemen traffic lights and Vogue Mall. You can feel free to walk around and take photos.

This is a page of Buddhist temples you can find in Krabi province. There are more than a couple nice temples to see here. We’ll list our favorites below, some of which have videos you can view. We offer tours to various temples as part of our Krabi tour packages. Enquire by email if you are interested in visiting any of the Buddhist temples found below:

Wat Thep Rattan

A virtually unknown temple with just a handful of monks. A giant open cave, and another walk-through cave with bats (harmless). Well worth a quick stop at this lovely Krabi Buddhist temple set between limestone karst formations.

Wat Tum Sua – Tiger Cave Temple.

Well worth the effort. Incredible views and many things to take photos of. Exploring the entire temple will take a half-day and exhaust you!

Wat Tum Sang Pet – Diamond cave temple.

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Krabi Wildlife Tours - night time trek for three hours in tropical primary rainforest.

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