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Krabi Climbing & Trekking | Rock Climbing | Stairs

Rock climbing at Tonsai Beach in Railay, Krabi.
A very skilled climber showing me what he can do at a difficult section on the limestone.


Krabi has a couple of areas for climbing, and for different types of climbing. Stair climbing at one of the big temples (Tiger Cave Temple), is a 1,256 step climb up the side of a mountain to a shrine at the top. You can climb rocks at Railay Beach, especially the world-class climbing of Tonsai Beach. or, there is climbing a mountain as you trek – a 500-meter high climb to spectacular views.

Climbing Mountains in Krabi – Trekking

Hang Nak Nature Trail in Tab Kak, Krabi

Called many different names including “DRAGON CREST,” and spelled a number of ways, this mountain is located in the Nongtalay Subdistrict of Tub Kak (Tub Kaak) Beach area. This is a Thailand National Park, open from early morning (sunrise) until last people can enter the park at 4 pm. Our page for Hang Nak trail is here.

Hang Nak (sometimes called Ngorn Nak) is a 3.7 kilometer long climb on a trail up a mountain, to a peak of 500 meters elevation. The trail is well marked and easy to climb. They are currently installing steps on the difficult parts, so, there is no real reason not to go – even if you are not a great climber.

Stair Climbing in Krabi

Climbing Stairs at Wat Tham Seua Buddhist Temple (Tiger Temple) is difficult but rewarding. There are 1,256 steps. Bring water!

Ao Nang Beach Stair Climb

If you go to Ao Nang Beach and walk past the police box going south you’ll come to a wooden set of steps. There are only about 100 steps and it will take you into a small cove with a beautiful hotel.

Rock Climbing in Krabi

There are a couple great places to rock climb in Krabi, with the primary spot being “Tonsai Beach” on Railay’s West side. This is reached by long-tail or speed boat from anywhere in Krabi, and the price from Ao Nang to Railay on a longtail boat is only about 150 Thai Baht.

Tonsai Beach Location (Map)

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