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Krabi Restaurant Review | Bistro Monaco in Krabi Town

A yearly tradition, our friend Vince from the Netherlands comes for 6 weeks and we eat a lot of Bistro Monaco’s pizza.

Bistro Monaco has been my favorite pizza restaurant (and beer) for a couple of years now. So glad they created this lovely little Italian restaurant. I’ve eaten here about 50 times, and each meal has been perfect. No joke – Martin, the owner and cook has very high standards and he refuses to serve burned or otherwise inferior meals. Unlike some other restaurants in Krabi Town.  



Though my family and I usually get the same thing, Bistro Monaco has been rated the number 1 restaurant in Krabi Town for over a year. The pizzas are fantastic. I usually get the extra cheese with salami. My daughter likes plain or with mushrooms. If I come with friends, I get a German beer that is somewhere between dark and golden. Like a golden brown. Excellent beer! Perfect temperature. Within the last week, I ate here 4-5 times. It’s that good.


Artsy decor inside Bistro Monaco’s restaurant in Krabi Town.
Lots of seating inside Bistro Monaco’s restaurant in Krabi.

No TV here, you’ll be happy to know. The emphasis is on family, friends, conversation. There is light music playing sometimes, usually something from the 70’s or 80’s.

Service here from Martin and his wife, and sometimes his daughters, is unmatched in Krabi. Martin is a very conscientious chef who makes it right every time. We have become friends with their family, as they are very open and polite and love conversation with guests!

The tables are not too close, and the air conditioning is always on. There are fans so if you’re still not comfortable, ask someone to point a fan your way.

WIFI is strong and works well.

The German beer is really exceptional!


Prices are very good considering it’s the number one rated restaurant in Krabi for foreign food. I think the base Margherita pizza is about 200 THB. That’s around $6 USD. Pretty reasonable!

Prices for everything are very reasonable. My wife almost always gets the Pork Steak. My daughter gets pizza. I get a pizza. Our total bill is usually about 800 THB – around $24 USD.


Ratings on Google and TripAdvisor are very high for this delicious Italian restaurant in Krabi Town. You can be sure the food is fresh and the service is great. Below I show a screengrab from TripAdvisor. Unfortunately, they’re calling a restaurant 18 kilometers away from Krabi Town the #1 Krabi Town restaurant, and now Monacos is #2! Nuts. Well, trust me, the Indian restaurant they’re calling #1 in ‘town’ is nowhere near the town, and the pizza isn’t anything like Bistro Monaco’s.

Bistro Monaco’s really IS in Krabi Town, and really is the #1 restaurant here. Try it!


  1. Great Pizza! A different style than the other pizza places in Krabi Town – not thin paper crust, and not thick Napolitan. This is in between, it’s thin crust but with real dough. The sauce at Monaco’s is really delicious. Don’t forget an excellent imported German beer while you’re here. Ask Martin to give you what Vern drinks. I think you’re going to like it!
  2. Air Conditioning! Yes, strong air conditioning will cool you off from Krabi’s heat.
  3. Great Coffee! Italian coffee. Hope the coffee maker is working.
  4. No TV blasting – There is no TV except for special futball (soccer) events!
  5. Great Service! Martin and his family give the best service at any restaurant I’ve been to in Krabi in the 11 years we’ve lived here. Highly recommended. He speaks English and German and is very kind.
  6. WIFI! Yes, works well – never had an issue.

Some other info…

There is both indoor and outdoor seating (for smokers). The location is easy to find, in the heart of Krabi Town. There are padded and hard wooden seats available. The menu covers lots of Italian food and some other general European (Swiss and German) dishes. Parking is available beside the police box on the river in the center of Krabi Town.

So, if you’re in the mood for really good pizza or other European dishes, stop by at Martin’s place and tell him SeeKrabi sent ya.


From the “River Road” which is officially named either Uttaradit or Uttarakit (I’ve seen signs calling it both), if you find the Police Box, you’re very close. It’s right on the corner of the intersection on the side nearest the Krabi River.

Bistro Monaco’s Facebook Page – >


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