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10 Reasons Krabi is Thailand’s Best Vacation Spot

Amazing sunsets at Tub Kaak Beach, Krabi province.

Krabi isn’t for everyone, but, if you’re not looking for half-naked girls dancing on the bar, this might just be the best vacation spot you can find in Thailand. Here are 10 reasons why we love it…

1. Temperatures are rarely too hot or too cold. Phuket gets quite a bit hotter than Krabi does during the summer months. The Isaan region gets quite a bit colder. Krabi is “just right”.

2. Close enough to Trang, Koh Lanta, Phuket, Phang Nga, and Koh Samui and Phangnan. Rent a car or even take a motorbike to all these spots from Krabi. It’s in the ultimate spot.

3. No sexpat tourist scene – so you only have 10% of the degenerates that come to visit Thailand, in Krabi. Hahahha! Sorry, I couldn’t resist putting that in there.

4. Meals are cheaper, hotel rooms are reasonable, and you get your choice between Muslim curries or Traditional Thai food.

5. Krabi’s beaches are large and exceptionally beautiful – Ao Nang and Noppharat Thara beaches are great. Phi Phi Island beaches are even better. Railay Beaches are awesome.

6. Krabi is quite a bit more laid back than Patong Beach or other top destination spots. People are more relaxed… not as many people trying to sell you something.

7. Traffic is FAR less, and far less dangerous than places like Patong, Pattaya, Bangkok.

8. Very rarely do we have any FLOODING! As we write this, about 1/3 of Thailand is under water.

9. September – October brings the Jeh Vegetarian Festival. You gotta see it to believe it.

10. Less crowded in Krabi. There are just as many things to do as in Phuket, but, there is more space and less people to enjoy those things with.

Try Krabi – we’ll bet you’re calling it a favorite by the time you leave too…


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