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Running at the Water Reservoirs

If you’re looking to get in some running while you’re staying in Krabi town, and you don’t know where to go – there are two places I’d recommend. Thara Park – if it hasn’t rained that day, or the city water reservoirs if it has been raining a lot.

The water reservoir area shown in the image above doesn’t have very much standing water when it rains hard in Krabi. It drains pretty well and you can usually hop around most spots on the concrete path to get away from pools of it if you’re concerned about keeping your feet dry as you run. The path around the water reservoirs is open to the sunshine, and it can get very hot. The path is quite flat and a good place to run because it is in good condition and you won’t be tripping over broken concrete, or falling into holes as you run.

The loop around is about 1.2 kilometers in length. I usually avoid running by the houses there on the right side because there is a ferocious dog that barks that it will eat someone if you run by. It is usually chained up – but, still, I don’t push my luck with dogs in Krabi, or anywhere in Thailand.

There is no water here – so bring some. You can park your car or motorbike right inside on the path and run from there. Just as a precaution, bring a bamboo stick or something to swing in case you see dogs on the path. Occasionally they will bark and make like they are going to follow you or bite. When you have a stick in your hand, every dog in Thailand knows what one feels like – and they back off real quick.



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