What is Living in Thailand REALLY Like?

Living in Thailand: Ebook

This ebook was free for a number of months – with a limited number of pages in it. I have since expanded it a lot – and charge only $5.99 for it. I have received TONS of appreciative feedback from it – and over 30,000 expats have downloaded the short free version before I expanded it to what it is today.

Spend the $6, it will give you a LOT to think about.

Here is a downloadable ebook called, “Living in Thailand” by Mike Fook.

Living in Thailand cover girl
Living in Thailand cover girl

Click the Thai girl to see the main description page for “Living in Thailand”.

This is one man’s story about deciding to come to live in Thailand and what he found when he arrived. It is not boring – though you might get that idea from the lame description I just gave. Lol. Try it – I think you’ll find it quite interesting.

“Living in Thailand” is illustrated and has 101 pages.

Feedback on this Thailand experiences book so far has been good, it was released as a free ebook at Mike’s site for a year previously and had over 28,000 downloads. Mike said he got a few “nice read” emails daily from it.

This book is in PDF format, you can get a free Adobe PDF reader program called Adobe Acrobat Reader, from www.adobe.com to open it and read it. If you have another eReader device and you want the file that fits it – just email: eebbookk@gmail.com.

Living in Thailand is fully copyrighted by Mike Fook.

Click on the girl’s photo above to see it…

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