What is Living in Thailand REALLY Like?

19 Things I did Today (Wednesday)

1. Woke up at 6:15 am just like every day.

2. Mixed up luke-warm instant coffee and drank 8 ounces.

3. Wrote part of a blog post.

4. Ate breakfast at the cheap Chinese place, ‘gwit diao moo’. 25 baht.

5. Walked to internet cafe to talk to Thai owner, a brilliant entrepreneur and the only Thai guy I’ve ever met that was business smart in a world wide way, and driven to accomplish. Talked about 2 projects I might want to get started.

6. Walked to some Thai amulet shops to see about buying some to sell online. Was disgusted after about 5 shops and outrageous prices for metal cases containing compressed, painted dirt. One guy had the nerve to ask for 17,000 baht!

7. Walked to BKK bank to see why the PayPal transfer that is to pay for my food for the next week has taken over 10 days when usually it takes 5 days. STILL not there.

8. Walked up the hill to see the construction of a new wat made mostly of marble. Quite impressive. Was very afraid to step in puddles with electric extension cords running through ALL of them. Met some monk kids and some jackass selling broken Buddhist amulets for 1000 baht and telling the Buddhist kids that if I didn’t buy one that would give me good luck with the women I’d be “jak wow” (masturbating) by myself without a woman. He must have said this about 9 times, and I just felt bad for the kids that they’re under the influence of this rogue. Took some pics of the kids and left. Met a guy selling Thai antiques across the street. Joked with him in Thai for 15 minutes. Good guy, funny anyway.

9. Walked to hotel room and wrote a few blog posts, edited some photos and wondered how I was going to pay for a hotel room with no money in the bank until that PayPal transfer goes through! I came up with – pawn the LG phone I bought that sucks for reception.

10. Showered.

11. Went to dinner at gwit diao place on the road, it was great tasting and I always ask for and get extra bean sprouts to fill me up. I find I don’t care if I eat the same thing everyday – breakfast, lunch, dinner – no problem I just am not concerned about what I eat – as long as I eat! 25 baht.

12. Drove around on motorbike looking for a place to rent monthly as the hotel is sucking precious cash from the account.

13. Back to room to add 800+ Google ads to over 400 pages of photos on the Thaipulse.com site.

14. Paid hotel for another night. 250 baht.

15. Wrote a blog post for tomorrow.

16. Listened to “English Beat, Nirvana, Bush, and some Prodigy”.

17. Checked PayPal, Google Adsense, Amazon, Dreamstime, Fotolia, Google analytics, Webmaster tools, hittail, Godaddy stats, emailed some folks, chatted for an hour with friend in Bangkok.

18. Read online news.

19. Skype chatted with a fellow Thailand website network owner and superstar blogger and asked their professional opinions on a future project I’m considering.

19. Slept (will sleep) at midnight after a cup of ice-cream from 7-11 for 10 baht.


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