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What Happens to Your Kids when You Die?

Don’t take any chances… figure this out now while you can.

I wondered just for a second today, what happens if my wife and I die in Thailand? Where does my daughter go? I’ve been stressed AF since asking myself that two hours ago.

My daughter is brilliant in personality, intelligence, her mindset. She’s capable of doing something big. Given the right circumstances. I can provide those circumstances, and definitely will. But, what if I’m gone? What if my wife is gone? It’s the most horrifying thought ever.

I don’t see anyone in the group of in-laws in Thailand who could take care of my daughter and give her the best opportunities in life. I don’t see any of our friends here, except possibly one couple. I don’t know them well enough, but my wife might. That will be our topic of discussion this evening.

Back in the USA, I can think only of one family that would be perfect for my daughter. My brother’s family. He’s 100% the right one.

How in the hell is he going to get custody of my daughter in Thailand if my wife and I are dead?

We’ll be talking to lawyer(s) this week to get this straightened out.

It’s on my mind because, well, one just never knows.

We all visited my wife’s uncle and aunt in Sisaket a few years ago. Great visit. They were real gems. A week after we got back, they were both dead in a car crash as a drunk guy parked his car in the middle of the main 3-lane road near their house. The car in front of them saw it in time to swerve. They didn’t. The 3 yr old they had custody of went to a sister of the aunt. She’s a drunk. They have very little money and they live in a small village.

There is NO WAY that is happening to my daughter.

Gotta figure this out PRONTO because some stuff just cannot wait.

Anybody know the answer to this? Anyone already ask themselves this question? Are you OK with anyone in the extended family raising your child(ren) if you die?

This is really stressing me out right now!


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