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Bottled Water Delivery in Thailand

Bottled water delivery in Thailand

This fact of Thai culture is pretty frustrating. Before moving into this house I never had to worry about bottled water because there was a filling machine at the entrance to the mansion where we stayed. We’d fill up a bottle or two for 1 baht. We could do it anytime.

Water is important. I need water. I like coffee. I like drinking water. I like water in my whiskey. I like water at dinner. Water is good for us.

Since moving into this house we have a guy that comes around in a truck loaded with about 20 five gallon bottles of water. I think he just drives around to all the places that he delivers water and looks to see if there are any empty water bottles waiting to be picked up. If yes, he’ll stop. If not – keep going. Sometimes we get water delivered the same day we put the bottle out. Sometimes within the hour. Sometimes we wait for a week or MORE to get a bottle of water. By then we are hoping we SEE the guy so we can tell him to give us 2 bottles of water since we use one about every 4 days and don’t want to get stuck again without it. People DIE without water.

Of course we never see him, he drops one off eventually and disappears.

They have a phone number for us to call them to let them know – “Hey, we’d like some water if it’s not too much trouble today”. We have seen no correlation whatsoever between the number of times we call these guys and the time that we wait for our next bottle of water. It’s Thai customer service, status quo.

A tip: If you must rely on the guys that deliver the water then pay a deposit for 3 bottles of water. That way, they bring 3. You use one every four days – if you have 2 people in your family. Tell them to come back every 4 days. If the guys are late 8 days – you still are OK. If they’re late 9, things start to get hairy. But, at least you’re good for 8 days after they’re supposed to drop another bottle or 3 off anyway.


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