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I don’t feel so good… (Getting Ill in Thailand)

Getting ill in Thailand is a pretty regular thing. I did great for the first 2 months here but then it hit me. Sick. Montezuma’s revenge. Dizzy.

I’d get flu-like symptoms but I was getting sick like that with breaks of 2 weeks in the middle. How can that be? I think some of it was food poisoning also – which happens a LOT here. I’m not all that picky about where I eat – the street stalls are great for me, but sometimes I pay for it.

For the past few days I’ve been a little light- headed. My stomach always feels full and hurts a little bit.

I’ve not had this kind of sickness in my life – so I know it’s a Thailand thing. Today I gotta find some time to Google:

dysentary worms tapeworm heart attack stomach acid reflux

stuff like that. Oh, I did start to hurl (throw up) yesterday morning as I sat at the computer. Dry heaved for a sec and then it passed. Was dizzy as hell though.

Any doctors out there?

G/f wants me to head to the doctor today since this has been on and off for a couple weeks. I

ALREADY KNOW what the doctor will do here.

Look at me – ask me 2 questions. Not understand either of them. Prescribe paracet for pain – which there is little pain – but always the paracet (tylenol) and he’ll prescribe anti- biotics since they also give that for EVERYTHING you have.

Back when I first got here I had bags of anti- biotics laying around the house. I had over 100 pills EASILY. Some I was to take 2 times per day, some 3, some 4.

For small things – they give all the same drugs. So, they’re never much help. If you get sick in Thailand do this.

Look up your symptoms on the internet…

Your Diagnosis

That’s a VERY comprehensive online survey. You must grab a free login ID – but they give a good review.

I use this instead of the doctor here in Thailand.

I also look up specific drugs that will work with my problem and self-diagnose.

Now, if that doesn’t work – meaning – I’m still at a loss for what’s happening. Or, if I have the name of a drug I need, I’ll go to the local pharmacy.

Find one that has a Chinese pharmacist, or ideally, two – Chinese-Thai Twin girls that you can go over with, painfully, every symptom and concern… like I’ve found.

Pharmacies have everything you’ll likely need. If they DON’T then they have connections with the hospital and can ORDER anything. They can probably get morphine!

So – for small problems – the doctors and hospitals here are maybe not so good. They dont take the time to really investigate what the problem is – they just shovel out the anti-biotics and paracet.

For BIG problems… like if you and another motorbike crashed and you have a sucking chest wound – they are likely to be EXPERT at fixing you up. There’s quite a bit of that kind of thing here and they have a lot of experience AND take it seriously enough to fix you up right.

I’ve seen a friend get his head operated on, bone chips pulled out of his brain and an extended hospital stay… in UBON of all places. Everything turned out fine. His bill was DIRT cheap too.


Don’t fear the big stuff. Fear the small stuff…


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