What is Living in Thailand REALLY Like?

Isaan Thailand Automobile Vehicle Sales 1996 – 2007

Reasons to buy a truck over a car in Isaan…

1. Trucks are cheaper when they're 2nd hand.

2. Trucks can move people from place to place, especially students at Rajabhat and Polytechnic.

3. Trucks will save you from renting at the 999 short time room.

4. Trucks can beep at cars that are in the way, and at all other vehicles that are smaller. So, buy a BIG truck if you can.

5. Drivers of trucks can ignore more rules of the road than drivers of cars.

6. Your inlaws will like a truck better and after all, when you leave Thailand by plane or loss of life they'll be driving it anyway.

7. The bed of a small or large truck can hold 27 villagers for long trips to Bangkok.  Saves money on busfares don't you think?

8. The bed of a truck can hold 94,000 rambutan, 56,000 oranges, 270 durian (or 7 big ones), or 94 million lumyai when selling fruit on the street from your parked truck.

9. Trucks don't need oil changes!  (at least that's the common belief).

10. When you hit a soi dog going 140 kilometers plus per hour you will experience a mild jolt, and nothing to really get concerned over since every truck, car and bus hits one every 2 months on average if you are a frequent long-distance driver.  In a car you might have some undercarriage damage.


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