What is Living in Thailand REALLY Like?

Options… Thailand for 2.5 years… Now what?


I love options. I was going over my options as this term as ended and I move tomorrow from Surat Thani and I still don't know TO where…

I like to have things up in the air a bit.  I've thought a LOT about where to go, but I want to choose the BEST POSSIBLE option for this point in time.

Here are some options that I jotted down…

BKK Teacher

  • Make a lot of cash
  • Spend a lot of cash
  • Meet successful Thailand site owners
  • Shopping can't be beat
  • Farang food
  • No motorbike rides, no car
  • Public transportation everywhere
  • Weekend trips out of city
  • G/f can work and make decent bank

Drunk in Patong (TH)

  • A slovenly fool
  • SangSom Rum nightly
  • Sit at Soi Bangla haunts
  • Decent farang food selection
  • Teach a bit or other job
  • Close to Phi Phi


  • Angkor and other wats
  • Lay low
  • Take relaxation to a new level
  • Get addicted to something
  • Join group that beats up pedophiles
  • Teach if nothing else to make money at


  • Totally new experience
  • Surround self with Muslims
  • Make bank teaching
  • Friends visit (have friends there)
  • Wave pool in Kuala Lumpur

Chiang Rai or Loei, TH

  • Teach
  • Meditate again
  • Mountain biking, hiking, trail running
  • Isolated, no visitors


  • Soju nights forgetting what happened (been there once already)
  • Stay 1 year, make big BANK
  • Save for relaxing a year in Laos or LOS
  • Repeat

Khon Kaen,or Udonthani, TH

  • Teach university level
  • Reclusive
  • Bars on weekends
  • Mr Tongs
  • Nearby hiking, biking
  • Blog like an idiot, few times/day

Monk at Wat Pah Nanachat or Suan Mokkh (TH)

  • See if process visits again
  • Worry free
  • 1 or 2 meals per day
  • Bliss


  • Relax for 6 months exploring
  • Blog, blog, blog
  • Get followed a lot

Back to USA

  • Either jump back into e-commerce world
  • or
  • Go to wat in California, take monk vows

Back to Hawaii

  • North and NE shores
  • Maui or Oahu
  • Surf, bodyboard, bodysurf
  • Run, bike, hike
  • Relive the good years
  • Beg for food… lol.


  • Dodge terrorist attacks
  • Good food
  • Teach
  • Blog
  • SURF!


  • nah


  • Make bank
  • Spend bigger BANK
  • Stock photography
  • Teaching
  • e-learning p/t job w/westgate


  • Go see it first
  • Argue a lot about prices
  • Teach
  • Learn vietnamese so I can speak with son
  • Son visits yearly with wacky mom.
  • Surf?  There's GOTTA be something


  • nah

Mukdahan, TH

  • Teach
  • See Laos and Vietnam often
  • Blog
  • Write book

Southern Thailand Provinces

  • Try to help
  • Give them some solutions to work with
  • Teach English
  • Become Muslim extremist, write book about conversion
  • LOL

Redmond, Washington

  • Annoy the hell out of Microsoft until they fix their asinine software (all of it)
  • Beg for food…
  • Drink good coffee
  • See good bands

Bangkok, Patpong district

  • See if any foreign or local Thai women are ready to pay for farang male azz yet
  • Make up some business cards
  • Self promote

Hmm, those are the things that come immediately to mind.  The actuality could be much different from anything listed here.  

Time will tell…

(oh, the slut photo was created by my M3 students (16 yrs) as a gift. They thought they were doing me a favor putting my head on David Beckham's body, but really, my body is better!)

Mai Pen Rai,



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