What is Living in Thailand REALLY Like?

Spitting on My House or Peeing on My Wall: Life in Asia

This doesn’t happen in the USA. Someone might kill you for it.

If I caught someone spitting on my house – repeatedly – and leaving a couple hundred stains – or pissing on the wall in front of my house – even once, we’d have to straighten the problem out immediately with no chance it would ever happen again.

Reading Iris’ great adventures over in the philipinnes was really interesting. I’d passed over the RSS feed because the title of her post made me not care what was going on with pee in her life. However, when she sent me a tweet from twitter I popped over to her site to see whether I could find an email… this led to me seeing the piss post.

It sounds like carnival workers live across the street from her – what a nightmare man! If I was in that situation it’d be time to move or burn their house down – killing everyone. Probably time to move.

I couldn’t imagine this even happening in Thailand. Though, while living in Isaan I did have the curious experience of having an old guy spit on the house I was renting every day – leaving stains all over the side of it. I caught it on video that I’ve posted here somewhere but don’t have the initiative to go find.

Are people pissing all over other people’s property anywhere in Thailand and I’m just not aware? Are Thais’ ever this crass?

I’d like to think not…

Here’s her post >


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