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Thailand Coffee? Nescafe Gold Instant – VLOG 3

It’s expensive, as far as instant coffee goes across the world, but there is a good reason for that. It doesn’t taste like mud – like every other instant coffee I’ve tried in Thailand. I’ve tried a lot of them too – every one I could find over the years. My wife even peeled off the price of it before she handed me the jar this morning. Afraid I’d flip out I guess. Why flip out? I’d pay 500 baht per jar of this stuff. There’s no other choice. It’s a lot cheaper than good coffee back in the USA.

I stopped drinking hot coffee in Thailand many years ago, it just doesn’t make sense to make near boiling coffee and wait for it to cool off in 90 degree weather. The coffee isn’t that great anyway. Where is my all-time favorite – Hawaiian KONA Coffee in this place? Right, missing in action.

Where is the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?


Nescafe Gold is what we’ve got – so enjoy it. I can drink it milkless and sugarless, it’s really not that bitter, and definitely not overbearing like probably every other instant you’ll try.

If you drink a different one – and like it – do let me know.

Video –


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One thought on “Thailand Coffee? Nescafe Gold Instant – VLOG 3

  • August 12, 2011 at 10:53 am

    I drink Bon Cafe, but only because I have a coffee machine. It tastes a lot better then instant coffee and there is a pretty wide variety of choices. I’m not really that much of a coffee drinker, but a large mug in the morning gets me going.


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