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Bangkok Sees Red! Bangkok Not Safe – Again

The Red Shirts in Bangkok have vowed to fight to the end. The end of what? Their demonstration? It’s sad because they had an opportunity to get what they wanted – all except for the time frame that Abhisit steps down and dissolves the ruling government. Elections in November now is anyone’s guess. I’ll guess they still happen, or soon afterward because Abhisit must accept the fact that a good portion of the country – probably a majority, want elections soon.

Apparently the rogue leader of the red shirts was shot in the head and is critically wounded. Just one injury, I’ve got to read up on that to see what happened. Was it a sniper? I’m curious how this went down – and usually I”m not all that into what’s going on in Bangkok.

Oh wow!

I just read how it went down… this from WorldBulletin.net:

Several Thai and foreign reporters said Khattiya was shot while being interviewed by them.

“It’s a clear attempt to decapitate the red shirt military leadership,” said Anthony Davis, a security consultant with IHS-Jane’s.

“It’s a smart tactical move that will cause confusion in the red shirts’ military ranks and send a message to the leadership that if they don’t want to negotiate and come out, they can expect extreme consequences.”

Can you imagine being one of the reporters – you’re thinking up the next question to ask him and suddenly his head explodes in front of you? Jesus…

Will this kill the entire Red Shirt movement?

Oh, here’s more news I just read, Maj-Gen Khattiya Sawadipol, (Seh Daeng), is in stable condition at the hospital.


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