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Bombs in Bangkok, Thailand on New Years Eve…

I’m sitting at home in Southern Thailand and my girlfriend called to tell me that bombs were going off at stores, over police boxes, at the train and bus stations in Bangkok.

Nobody is too surprised, but there are people dead and this will be the cause of a lot of change in the next year or so…

Of BIG interest to me is what the military junta does about it… There are rumors that these are people AGAINST the junta… and of course those that suspect muslim insurgents of finally making their way up to Bangkok to up the ante by a power of 10.

If it’s insurgents it will affect tourism in a big way. If some rogue folk against the military government in charge – probably not that big of an effect.

Yesterday the news in the paper was that 2 teachers were shot dead in their truck in the south and then their bodies pulled out into the street and lit on fire. This kind of thing has been going on almost daily. Monks killed and set on fire. Children killed. Teachers, police, all sorts of government workers have been killed.

If it’s them – the military might do something major.

Curious to see what’s going to happen with tourism. Thailand has around 13 million visitors per year (usually). I think that’s the figure. Correct me if I’m wrong – please.

Bombing train stations, bus stations and places frequented by foreign visitors would probably be the work of the insurgents… that is, unless those against the ruling junta thought they could pull it off and get the insurgents blamed in the South – and make the ruling Junta look bad…

Not at all sure at this point. The bombings in Bangkok might be terrorists for all we know. Perhaps many major cities around the world will see something similar as their New Years celebrations commence. We’re ahead of most of the world here and we’d get it first.

Be safe, don’t travel just yet if you don’t have to!


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