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Thaksin’s Loss

Everyone by now knows Taksin lost over a billion US Dollars yesterday.

You know, in the big picture it’s not such a big deal. He may make a big deal over it – but he still has a billion dollars left that we know of. He’s a crafty guy… crafty being defined as intelligent + street-smart. Do you really think all the money he has is in the public eye? I don’t.

If I were Thaksin I would probably do this…

Come back to Thailand and face the music. Plead not guilty. Face a year of jail. Someone will let him out early on good behavior. He’ll be back in politics in a very big way in the coming years.

He can still roll with it and come out a winner – a very big winner in 2 years time.

Not that I agree that it’s the best thing for the country… but honestly, I cannot come up with a best-case scenario for a government in Thailand.

Can you?

I don’t forsee anything good – really good, coming out of Thailand for many years… I hope I’m wrong. I wonder what Thailand would be like with an amazing government in place – everyone fighting for the same thing – the good of the NATION.

It’s not happening anytime soon… that’s my guess. I hope I’m way the hell off – but I’m not.

Anybody think Thailand is ready to be the number two economy in Asia after China? Could it be in 5 years? 15?


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One thought on “Thaksin’s Loss

  • February 27, 2010 at 4:38 am

    Thailand No 2 economy in 5 years? Only if a tsunami (heaven forfend!) wipes out Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and, let’s not forget, India! And, maybe Myanmar by then!


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