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Thailand House Problems… (Is your house falling apart too?)

Thailand House Problems…

Thailand house problems

If you own a house here you must be having a helluva time. I’m renting and I seem to be more concerned than the husband and wife that own this house.

We rent a decent 2-story house here in Surat Thani, Thailand. It’s got stained wooden floors in the living room and the entire upstairs – in all bedrooms. In the dining room and TV room, we have a large 2’x2′ light-colored marble tiles. We have a full kitchen with stone counter and nice wooden cabinetry. We have a great burner and a lot of space. In the back of the house, we have a restroom and a large sink area for cooking outside I guess.

Upstairs are 3 bedrooms – all have separate new air conditioning units.

Our master bedroom has a very large cabinet for clothes and we have a sun window type thing with a place to sit on at the window. We have two showers in the master bath. One is outside – open-air – but covered pretty well. We have granite counters in the bathrooms (all 3). We have 4 showers. 4 Toilets. 5 sinks. We have bars on every window and behind every door. We have a driveway large enough for 4 cars or so. We have a small yard. We border a rubber tree plantation.

We’re paying just 7000 baht per month plus 140 for water and another 450 for electric.

We have a wooden staircase, new couches and bed, and tables from INDEX. The small couch had a price tag still on it – 15,000 baht. The other one must have been 20,000+.

We are very careful not to damage anything here. Sure the house is worth only 3.5 million baht – which is under 100,000 USD and less than 1/2 of what my townhouse sold for before I left the USA – but still. Here it’s a lot of money.

Thailand Termites

We have told the owners no less than 3 times about the termites that are eating holes in their walls and under the wooden floor in the living room! They have not even cared to come by and LOOK! They just ask us if it’s bothering us – or can we use everything ok… we say, yeah, no worries – but your house is being EATEN BY TERMITES – did you hear what we said 3 times over the past 2 months?

Yep, they heard.

There’s just no interest in taking care of it.

Sure they have another house… but in America do you know how we’d be flipping out about this? I’d be doing backflips on someone’s head to get out to my house immediately and destroy EVERYTHING that had legs so the place was still standing – and especially so I could sell it and move.

There is a similar attitude here about everything that is wrong with this house. Oh, the ceiling leaks. Damn, it’s nighttime now but I’ll take some pics anyway and see if I get a good one… the ceiling is leaking in the: KITCHEN, LIVING ROOM, DINING ROOM, and HALLWAY halfway up the steps.

Did they come to look?


How many times did we tell them?

Every time it rained over the rainy season since we’ve been here.

Have they done anything?


I don’t expect them to I guess. Mai pen rai krup… business as usual…

Water Problems

In Ubon, I had a friend that had just BUILT a new house up there. He went through the usual hellish experience. Pipes that didn’t work. The electricity that didn’t work. Steps that fell apart. Water pump problems.

The house looks good until you look at things in detail. They might use non-waterproof grouting in the tilework on the floor of the restroom – or even, would you believe, IN THE SHOWER?

The last house we rented in Ubon had a light switch just kind of hanging from the wire where it wasn’t attached to the wall yet – also a new house. I grabbed the switch with my hand and naturally my fingers wrapped around the back and my thumb was on the switch to push it on. My fingers touched the LIVE WIRES in the back because our landlord didn’t put on the COVER on the back of the switch!

That was a wake-up call! The electricity here is 220, not 110 like America. You’ve got a chance in America – here – I am very lucky not have died on the floor in my bedroom 2 years ago.

Living in Thailand has made me VERY cautious… I don’t take much for granted. I don’t touch many things with wires here…

I’m sure you readers have horror stories – let me know if you feel inspired to tell us all… What happened to YOUR HOUSE?


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