What is Living in Thailand REALLY Like?

What is the ThaiPulse Blog about?

Latest Update: 26 January 2017

ThaiPulse/blog/ is an effort to create an interesting expat web blog about life in Thailand without suffusing it with story after story of sexual “conquest” like many forums and other sites devoted to Thailand.

Thailand has so much more going for it than sex-tourism and yet the world sees it like a big vagina. But, there is more… a whooooooole lot more.

I want to show you the “more.” I want my mom to read this and shudder at the horror of it all and yet, in the end – come over for a visit because I’ve showed her a different way to see the country. (Update – She has been here).

If one were to weigh the positive and negative sites that are out there and talking about Thailand – I’d say that the popular sites were the ones that were talking about sex. My goal is to be the number one web site in Thailand without mentioning that topic all that much. It’s a side-effect of what I’m writing, not the main draw.

Thailand is SO different from life in America that at times I am sure my flight to Bangkok actually landed on another parallel, but whacky planet.

It’s difficult to fill a blog everyday with something that MOST of you visitors will want to read. It’s impossible actually, but if I put enough goodstuff up here and you read a good portion of it and tell somebody about it… then in a year – I’ll have a good amount of traffic.

Please leave comments – and I’ll comment on your comments as soon as I see that you left one. I like some interactivity, but this will never become a forum because forums are from hell and I don’t want to go there too often. Unfortunately they are a necessary evil since they have lots of new and good information, it’s just PULLING that information out is more difficult.

If you have a site related to Thailand and you want to swap links, let me know and maybe we can do that.If you link your blog off your home page to mine – I will do the same for you. If you link one page of your blog to my home page I will do the same. Google sees swapping links as swapping votes and it’s always a good thing for two sites that are related to swap.

I’ll be adding new stuff as we go along. There will be videos added, photos added and notecard equations added frequently.

I have a number of other websites about Thailand and other related topics. Here are some:



I created this site to focus on expats living in Thailand, and tourists visiting Thailand. Don't miss the blog - Thaipulse.com/blog/. I hope you come away with something positive as a result of visiting Thaipulse.com. Feel free to leave questions or comments at the contact form under Home | Contact above. All written content on this site by Vern Lovic. Contact me at Google+. Cheers!

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