What is Living in Thailand REALLY Like?

Blogging Professionally… possible from Thailand?

I’ve was considering this question a lot before I decided that I needed to move back to the states.

I think it is definitely possible, but it would be a 6 month project or so – once you get up and running and figure out the whole blogging process and attracting enough site visitors to start making some cash.

Or, you could apply to write professionally for one of the major blog networks. B5 media, 451 press, and some other networks pay their bloggers in different ways. They have so much traffic and cash to fund site traffic that eventually – about 6 months – 10 months or so, your blog, if it’s any good will be doing pretty well. You’d make a couple hundred dollars per month for sure. A thousand if you were good. A couple thousand if you were really good. All per month.

Of course you’re writing FOR the company – and they own most everything you write. You don’t take it with you when you leave.

I thought about writing in this way for a while. I applied at B5 media for a couple positions, and while they liked my blogs, I couldn’t convince them to do a Thailand blog as they had just recently expanded their network and were feeling the money crunch.

Recently I applied to 451 Press and was accepted as a blogger for one of their travel blogs. I read all of the agreements I’d need to sign – and you know what?

They are VERY restrictive in what one can do once one leaves their network. It’s like a signing a non-compete agreement with yourself. If I blog at their Hawaii blog for a while – say, 6 months. I then quit or they ask me to leave… I cannot blog about the TOPIC of Hawaii for a period of time – I think it was 6 months! I cannot work FOR a company that is blogging about Hawaii either.

That was just too much for me. Since I will probably BE in Hawaii what else would I blog about? Alaska? Nah, I want to blog about Hawaii!

I read the agreement through again just to make sure I wasn’t missing something – nope – too restrictive. WHO would write under those conditions?

Not me.

Instead I searched godaddy.com and found a great domain name for Hawaii – h2Oahu.com and snatched it up and I’m building a Hawaii blog on there for things to do on Oahu, Hawaii in WordPress right now.

I think maybe the better option is ALWAYS to blog yourself under your own domain and get all the money, and own all the content. I think that’s the best way to go about this.

If you’re not doing that – you need to. If you can’t buy domains and setup your own blogs and get traffic yourself and optimize for search engines because you’re not quite savvy enough…

You can do it under the ThaiPulse! Travel Blog Network if you wish

– we don’t take any money from you – and we funnel visitors to your blog. YOU own the content and it’s a win-win for everyone.

Depending on your topic – you could have a LOT of visitors to your blog in a short amount of time. Jason at Isaan Style has a LOT of people reading his blog daily – around 200. If you wanted a blog about Muay Thai and you had a lot of interest and posted half as much as Jason does you’d do VERY well in the matter of a couple months. There are other hot topics…

I think blogging professionally from Thailand is possible – but, do it on your own. Don’t write for someone else, write for YOU.


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