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Making Money in Thailand | Freelance Writing

Freelance writing help for expats or visitors in Thailand.
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Overview and How to Get Started in Freelance Writing

Start writing articles for companies, businesses that need a steady supply of well-written articles. I have a friend, Steve, that wrote a book on what he’s doing to earn about $2,500 per month USD – consistently, month after month. His book is in the resources section. There are many website owners looking for great content since Google started penalizing sites with weak content.

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Positives About Freelance Writing

1. There is a lot of work out there if you’re motivated to find it. Elance. Freelancer. Fiverr.

2. Steady assignments are the norm once you find someone to write for that likes your work. Pay raises as you progress are the norm too.

3. It is possible to make a couple of thousand dollars per month writing for others.

4. You’re learning about whatever topics you are writing about.

Negatives About Writing as a Freelancer

1. Non-paying publishers. Insist on 50% down before you start, 50% after you send the finished product.

2. Initially, it can be difficult to find enough work to keep you going. Be persistent, once you get a couple of good sources, you can get recurring jobs.

3. The writing is usually not creative, and about topics that you likely have no interest in.

Freelance Writing Resources

Buy this book, Freelance Writing Freedom in 90 Days. My friend Steve Walters wrote it, and it is absolutely FILLED with great resources to help you get up and running quickly.

Comments on Freelance Writing in Thailand

This is one of those activities that can make you a lot of money in a short time. It is also one that you can do for years, making it a career, if you choose. As time goes on and you improve at your craft, you can pick and choose the jobs you do and the subjects you write about.

Ideally, you’ll find a couple of sources of recurring projects that you stick with for a long time. There is something to be said for working with people you trust in this industry, be cautious not to let a company build up a large fee owed to you. If they don’t pay in full upon delivery of the articles, cut them off immediately. There are a great many unscrupulous companies in freelance writing.

My friend Steve is making good money as a freelance writer and has been for years now. I know another guy that is writing for an addiction help website (SpiritualRiver.com) and who is making a couple of thousand dollars per month doing so.

This field is growing at a great pace due to Google cracking down on junk content in their index. Google is going to great lengths to identify quality content. If you haven’t yet registered with Google+ and claimed any articles or websites you’ve written online, you really should get that started as soon as possible. Google’s “Authorship” program is already drastically affecting the search engine ranking for writers. Here are two links to find more information on the topic: Article at Copyblogger.com, Article at Google.

See more ways to Make Money in Thailand here >

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