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Making Money in Thailand | Sell SIM Card Credit Online

Thailand mobile phone companies which use SIM cards.

Overview and How to Get Started Making Money in Thailand

Depending on where you are overseas, the mobile phone system might be different from where you grew up. Plastic memory chips called SIM cards are added to these phones to enable mobile phone use. Credit needs to be added to the SIM card in your phone by dialing service and punching in a long code to replenish the amount of money left on your SIM for calls, SMS, internet service, and multi-media messages.

Local convenience stores all over Thailand usually sell these phone credit cards. All the 7-11 stores and some other convenience stores sell them in Thailand. Running out of credit can hit people at the worst time, so an opportunity exists. Create a website where you sell the codes to replenish phone credit so people can use their phones immediately again.

Figure out first whether the mobile phone network in your country uses codes to add credit to phones. Next, find out if there is already an easy solution for phone users to buy and add credit to their phones. Take a close look, it may be a case where the locals know how to do it easily, but visitors do not. In that case, create a special website for visitors to be able to add credit easily to their phones.

Join e-junkie.com to be able to sell the codes easily. Use their support to answer your questions about how the process works, it is not anything advanced, it just requires your understanding of their process. When someone purchases, a code is automatically sent to them by email. You should be able to figure it out in just an hour once you know how to begin.

Start advertising your service in visitor brochures, local expat rags, on maps, on popular websites, on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Positives About Selling Mobile Credit Online

1. Very easy through E-junkie.com, mentioned in the resources list below.

2. No website required, just run ads in as many places as you can think of where expats will see them. Primary targets could be the major expat websites.

3. The need for topping up money on SIM cards is recurring, urgent, and can occur at strange times, necessitating someone using your service more than once.

4. Little in the way of competition. I’ve seen just two of these in all of Thailand. Neither is set up very well and they charge double the cost of a card in 7-11. There is an opportunity here to undercut them on price.

Negatives About Selling Mobile SIM Credit Online

1. Some people might claim they didn’t get the credit on the cards ordered. You can check with the phone company, but it can be a pain. Most expats will be truthful, honest with you, but you’ll run into those that try to game the system.

Resources About Selling SIM Card Credit

E-junkie.com is an online fulfillment service that allows you to charge money for the code and then send the code securely to the buyer – without you having to do it individually for each buyer. It’s automatic, you just receive the Paypal money after a sale.

Keep in mind, there is some risk of customers charging back through Paypal, but we have a Paypal only business online and we find the risk to be inconsequential.

Comments About this Making Money in Thailand Option

The two services doing this online in Thailand mark up the cost of the phone cards by large percentages. For example, if a visitor could buy a card at 7-11 for $9, the online service might charge $18 or more for the same credit. I think they are way too high. Though they are already in the space, an opportunity exists to offer more realistic prices and take the market out from under them. Do some searches on Google for “replenish SIM card money in (your country)” or “SIM card top-up in (your country)” and see if any competition exists already in whatever country you’re now living in.

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