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Making Money in Thailand | Write a Moving to Thailand Book

Overview and How to Get Started Writing Your “Moving to ____ ” Book

Write a digital book about how to move to the country you are now living in. If there are a couple of other countries close by – write books about how to move there too. Create a little niche – focusing on how to move to different areas.

There are already a few books out on moving to Thailand. What is needed are books on Moving to Bangkok; Moving to Chiang Mai; Moving to Phuket; Moving to Isaan. A good moving to Isaan book could provide a nice side-income because there are so many guys retiring out in the countryside of Isaan and they don’t really understand what they’re getting into.

The world is changing dramatically, and there are now people considering moving across the globe, that previously – never gave it a thought. Create some 100-page ebooks about the most efficient way to go about moving to another country, what to bring, where immigrants might want to live, places to avoid, etc.

To begin, check to see if there are any paperback or digital books on the subject now, get them and see whether or not they cover everything to be said on the subject. If not, you might write another one that does. Or, you might choose another place that you know about instead – one with no books out on the subject yet. That would be your best bet.

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Positives About Writing a Moving to Thailand Book

1. After writing a book and publishing it at online markets, the income you get is residual, recurring. You publish the book and sit back and collect the checks. You can market it on Twitter, Facebook, and using other means, and should, but you need not. The work is in writing and publishing.

2. You learn valuable skills, you show yourself it isn’t an insurmountable task. Write one book and you may just find out that writing another and another, is not that big a deal. You might be hooked.

Negatives About Writing a Book

1. It takes a serious effort to write and publish a book about moving to some city or area of Thailand. It is not astrophysics though, and it’s possible, even for non-writers, to pull it together and write a book chapter by chapter to help eager expats to move to another country.

2. Competition can be fierce. Do check Amazon as a bare minimum to see if other books or ebooks exist on the topic. Buy and review them. Is there more to write? Can you write a much better book? Write it then. If not, choose another topic.

Resources for Writing Your Book About Thailand

Here are some “Moving to _______” books you can buy to check out the format and what all they cover. Click one below.

Comments About Writing a Book in Thailand

Writing a good book on the topic takes a lot of effort, but it can be worth it, especially if there is not a lot of competition among authors. As I said, there are already a handful of Moving to Thailand books. But, many Americans are probably curious about moving to the Caribbean, Acapulco, South America. Do invest in an editor to look over your book if you don’t have a degree in English literature.

The reviewers of books bought on Amazon are often ruthless. Sometimes, maybe even most times, the most critical reviews come from other authors you are competing against for buyers. Don’t get discouraged if this happens, just fix any glaring mistakes, and re-publish the book. Ebooks are great for this.

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