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Good food, good taste slogan from Thailand Health Department.
Thai Restaurants with this sign are certified by the health inspector and should be safe to eat at.

Overview and How to Get Started Writing a Thai Cooking/Recipe Book

Write a book about how to cook your country’s top 20-50 best recipes. You could focus on vegetarian Thai food; Thai desserts; Thai Seafood; or other areas.

Do your research on Amazon.com, Apple’s bookstore, BarnesNoble.com, and in the bookstores to see if there are already many books about how to cook the local cuisine. People in the country might not speak English well enough to write a book in English – if not, you can do it – work with native speakers and give them some money to help you do the book.

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Positives of Writing a Thai Food Book

1. Many regions of the world have fantastic food but great cookbooks from the region haven’t been written yet. Thai food books have been written often, but there is such a massive demand for books about the topic, you can still score in this niche.

2. Fairly quick. Timeframe to create a recipe book from start to finish might be two months of hard work.

3. Money from ebook sales keeps coming in over time. It is residual in nature, once the book is written – the money is continual until you either pull the book or competition becomes too strong. Re-writing your book to make it the best again, doesn’t take that much more effort after you write it the first time.

Negatives of Writing a Thai Food Cooking Book

1. If you’re not a cook, this might not seem like any fun. Writing a book is hard work, mental work that some people find fun, and others dread. If it’s not for you, choose another way to make money in Thailand.

2. Translating between two languages (Thai and English; Thai and German; Thai and French; etc.) to write the book in English might take a lot of work.

3. There are many cooking books on the market – are there any like the one you intend to publish?

Resources about Writing Thai Food Books

About a decade ago we wrote a couple of Thai food cooking books. We were actually too early for the eBook scene, and we sold some, but the market heated up years later when our books were already outdated. We have learned a lot since then. We have it on our action list to revise those books by the end of 2019.

Comments About Writing Thai Food Cooking Books

Regarding my wife’s couple of Thai Food Cooking books… At first, we were selling them on her website, for $40 and $20 for each of them. Sales were slow, but still, we sold enough that we saw the power in creating ebooks – and quickly created more. Now her books have sold at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple’s iBookstore, Sony, and elsewhere. Sales got far better at a lower price, and the competition is fierce, but overall we still think it has been well worth the time spent.

There are a couple of ideas here about writing books with various topics. You need NOT be a writer to write a non-fiction book. Remember that. Write the book to the best of your ability. Have a friend or two that knows what they are doing, check your book for grammar, spelling, and flow. Pay someone to create a professional cover for it, and see how it does on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/kdp/). Revise as necessary. The commenters will give you some good ideas about what might be wrong with your book. Fix those things, and re-upload the new version. Do this over and over until readers like your book and don’t have anything more to complain about.

Once you’ve written one book and it is working on some level for you, it becomes much easier to write another book, and another. It is a good feeling to have money coming in monthly for something you did in the past. There are books I’ve written 10 years ago that are still bringing in money each month. There is really nothing quite like writing books and getting paid for it if you have the interest and can motivate yourself to do it.

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