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Join YouTube, Become a Thailand Superstar?

Overview and How to Get Started on YouTube in Thailand

Create a video show that you do recurring episodes for. You can make money on every click – or on each ad view your videos get at Youtube and at other sites where people embed your videos. Create a show or focus on some niche you can own.      

To start, create a video show that you make videos for daily, or every few days. Apply for YouTube partner status. This allows you to apply ads of all sorts on your videos and video pages.

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Positives About a Career as a Thailand YouTuber

1. Residual income, once you upload the video – it remains, making money over the years without doing anything more. You need to get approved for monetization and jump through some hoops first (of course).

2. Work hours, effort, income, is up to you. Your responsibility is to find topics that do well. Something outrageous works best. People watch videos at YT for entertainment purposes primarily. Entertain them.

3. YT is constantly innovating its system, resulting in more ad views and more income for you. One recent change was the addition of in-view ads, which have increased our revenue substantially in the last couple of months.

Negatives About YouTubing in Thailand

1. It may take you a long time to figure out what topics will gain high page views. You might never come up with anything. Model yourself after someone that is already successful in Thailand, is my best advice. (Not me!)

2. If your account is registered to YT as an overseas account and your viewers are primarily overseas and not from the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia, you will likely not make as much money as you could if your audience was mostly from one of those countries mentioned. Why? Ads are targeted to those countries – primarily.

3. It can take significant amounts of time to shoot, edit, and upload, optimize videos for YT. Focus on things that might work – not fun shooting.

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Resources About YouTube Videos in Thailand

Here is a teen with 100,000 subscribers and 70 million video views at Youtube for her “weird talent.” Click here. Oops. She removed all her videos. She may have had copyrighted material up. Lesson learned I’ll bet!

There are guys making funny videos and getting paid obscene amounts of money. Look at this guy, Remy, from France. He has about 2 million subscribers and over 1 billion views. Click here. Sure, he’s talented, but if you are only a fraction as talented, couldn’t you do something similar?

Here is a guy doing reviews of camera equipment with his own quirky style that eventually caught on. Kai is an Asian guy with a British accent, from DigitalRev TV, and he has about half a million subscribers and over 114 million views. Click here.  Update – Kai has since moved on to create his own YouTube channel here with 790,000 subscribers.

Youtube Partner Program – http://www.youtube.com/yt/partners/

Comments About Doing YouTube in Thailand

This must be the ultimate ‘job’ if you can make it work. I’ve had some moderate success with this in Thailand. This month was our highest ever grossing month at Youtube and we cleared $850 (2014). That’s decent money. We have over 350 videos uploaded (550 now), and to tell you the truth, we never know which are going to do well and which are going to tank. Our topics are all over the place though.

If you stick to one topic, like Kai does with digital photography (mentioned in the preceding paragraph), and you start getting views – you just have to keep churning out the same sorts of videos that do well. If your topics are all over the place, you never really know what will do well. Much better to stick to a tight topic of interest if you’re interested in making a living from your videos.

I have a friend in Thailand who uploaded over 500 videos. He had no real success at all, making less than $50 for over a year. Over the Christmas holiday, he put up a video that pulled over a million views in less than thirty days. He made over $1,000 in December from that one video. Every month for the last four, he has made close to $1,000 per month.

Unless you’re talented at something, or you have a knack for catching funny, odd, dangerous, or otherwise watchable videos – it will be a hard road to find success at Youtube. However, if you have any interest at all, you SHOULD try because you might be one of the lucky ones. There is probably no better job in the world than creating your own videos for an audience that loves it.

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